There Were Surprisingly No Crowds in Clarke Quay on Christmas Eve

Last Updated on 2022-12-26 , 1:42 pm

Last Christmas, everyone was complaining about the group size limits.

This means everyone will be out this Christmas since there aren’t any more limits, right?

Apparently not, since there were, surprisingly, no crowds at Clarke Quay. Or maybe because everyone is celebrating Christmas overseas.

Full Restaurants and Nightclubs, But Little Crowds On Streets 

This is the first time since the pandemic that restaurants and bars at Clarke Quay were able to welcome as many people as they could fit, as late as they could open.

FYI, Singapore lifted restrictions on selling alcohol after 10:30 pm for restaurants, bars and other F&B operations, so most bars extended their business hours to 2 am and even 4 am. 

Managers and owners of restaurants and bars interviewed by Shin Min Daily News shared that the crowds were about 30% higher than last year due to the absence of group size limits. The number of customers patronising bars and restaurants was also 50% higher than usual Saturdays.

Young adults interviewed by Shin Min also said they were out to enjoy the rare long weekend, especially for those fulfilling their National Service.

Nightclubs like Zouk also welcomed a steady stream of partygoers, with queues forming before opening hours. Since Zouk expected more customers during the festive season, they urged customers to buy tickets online and to arrive early to avoid snaking queues.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Despite the busy restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the streets of Clarke Quay didn’t experience much crowding. More than 10 police officers and security personnel were spotted patrolling the area around 11 pm, but crowd levels remained low for the night.

Where did everyone go?

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Overseas? Or Orchard Road?

If you have Instagram, you’ve probably seen dozens of Instagram stories with a location tag far, far away from Singapore.

It seems like most people are overseas. For those who aren’t overseas, they’re probably at the second ‘O’: Orchard Road. 

In contrast to Clarke Quay, Orchard Road found itself crowded on Christmas Eve, with many people out shopping and snapping pictures of the Christmas lights.

Police were also deployed to Orchard Road to do crowd control, but the crowd levels remained manageable. Human traffic moved smoothly with little to no congestion, and the Crowd@Orchard Road website seldom labelled the area as ‘Very Crowded’.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News