Woman Complains That Beancurd Stall Now Charges Extra $0.20 for More Sugar Syrup


Are you willing to pay 20 cents for extra sugar syrup in your tau huay?

Well, it appears that a lot of people aren’t. One particular woman even turned around and left after being told to pay an additional 20 cents for extra sugar syrup.

Here’s what happened.

20 Cents For Extra Sugar Syrup in Beancurd

According to Shin Min Daily Newsa woman known as Ms Xu was apparently asked to pay an additional 20 cents at a beancurd stall in Geylang when she asked for extra sugar syrup in her tau huay. 

The staff at the beancurd stall reportedly said that in the past, customers were not charged extra for adding sugar syrup to their tau huay. However, additional charges are now being imposed due to the recent rise in sugar prices.

Ms Xu adds that she must also pay an additional 20 cents should she wish to take away her tau huay order.

Appalled at the additional charges for her tau huay, Ms Xu walked away from the stall.

Well, it’s not our place to say anything, but walking away wholly seems like an overreaction.

Additional Charges To Apply Due to Increase in Cost of Ingredients

With inflation on our tail, it’s only normal that the cost of food ingredients is rising.

That’s the exact situation this tau huay stall was in. Due to the rising ingredients costs, this beancurd stall began to impose additional charges on customers for any additions to their beancurd orders.

The stall even put up a notice detailing the adjusted prices.


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While one serving of tau huay is priced at $1.50, customers now have to pay an additional 20 cents if they want to add extra sugar syrup, bringing the final price to $1.70.

Prior to this, additional sugar syrup used to be free. And we all know how much Singaporeans love our free things.

However, staff at the beancurd stall share that most customers, being health-conscious, rarely ask for additional sugar syrup anyway, given that the regular beancurd order already comes with some sugar syrup.

I guess the Health Promotion Board (HPB) is just doing its job too well.

If customers request for the sugar syrup and bean curd to be packed separately, an additional 20 cents will also be charged for the other plastic container used.

What Do Netizens Think?

While the price difference is a mere 20 cents, many netizens are still outraged by the price adjustment.

A netizen even commented that the staff at the beancurd stall are “very bad people”, while others remarked that they would no longer patronise this beancurd stall.

Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News)

Several other netizens also sarcastically questioned whether they would get a 20 cents discount if they asked for no sugar syrup.

Only a minority defended the beancurd stall.

One netizen criticised those complaining about the 20 cents surcharge, saying, “People complain about 20cents for extra yet they don’t mind paying exorbitant price for bubble tea.”

Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News)

Who would have thought that a delicacy like beancurd would ever become so divisive in Singapore? But then again, once money is involved, everything becomes divisive in Singapore.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News