100Plus Zero Sugar Review from a 100Plus Fan: It Could be Better than the Original

Firstly, a disclaimer: I’m not exactly a die-hard 100PLUS fan.

My favourite drink is Coke Zero, and since the only drink I have while I’m exercising (except plain water lah) is 100PLUS for its sugar and sodium to keep me going, poetic licence would dictate that I’m a casual fan but not a die-hard one.

Most of you would have seen this drink floating around in social media: I mean, how can you not miss its ad, since we seldom come across beverage ads online?

Truth to be told, the moment I saw this, I was like “WTF?!”

I drink 100PLUS for the sugar when I’m training for my IPPT, and there’s a version without sugar?

That’s like a chicken rice stall proudly saying that their chicken rice does not include chicken and rice, so the calories is zero.

But moving on.

According to its website, while it is sugarless and calorie-less, the minerals and electrolytes (okay, sodium, which is essentially salt, included) are still in, so it helps to keep us hydrated.

Before anything, just remember: salt isn’t good. We did a video about instant noodles and its salt contents, and you’re not going to like it.

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But moving on, the 100 PLUS website is fast enough to remind us that while there is salt, it’s not a lot of salt.

Image: 100plus.com.sg

They must have seen our video lah #justsaying

In other words, it’s still pretty decent given its specs of quad-core processor—I mean, essential minerals that hydrates our body.

Next, how does it taste?

During lunch today, I had to give up on my favourite Coke Zero and drink a 100PLUS to down my cai png. Let’s just say that it doesn’t go well: 100PLUS has never been a drink to complement a meal. At least not to me.

I asked my colleagues and all of them said the same thing, but we all agreed on something: the reason why people preferred 100PLUS than other soft drinks is that it’s not that sweet.

Before trying the drink, I got my colleague to take a picture with the drink, because #InfluencerStyle

When you try to take good picture but realizes you have a lousy phone and a shaky hand and a weird model

And with the taste of the orginal 100PLUS still intact in my mind, I gulped down my can of 100PLUS Zero.

With zero expectations.

And well, let’s just say that the money spent to promote the drink is very well spent (but why never spend it on Goody Feed! See lah now I have to write free for you liao!).

While I can distinctly taste the difference between this and the original 100PLUS, it surprisingly tastes better.

Remember how 100PLUS caught my colleagues’ heart with its “not-so-sweet” taste? Yeah, this is even less sweet, and most importantly, it actually makes it a tad more palatable.

What I hate about soft drinks is that “sticky sugary” taste that resides in your mouth after drinking them, and that’s why I love Coke Zero. 100PLUS Zero has none of that: it goes down your throat smoothly, so smooth that even this guy would approve.

However, as I drink more of it, it tastes more like sweetened tonic water. Not a bad thing considering that it’s sugarless.

Now, would I drink it again?

A resounding no.

Firstly, as mentioned, I drink it for the sugar. Secondly, I feel like I’m just drinking iced water if I’m going to drink this. Thirdly, I’m not giving up my Coke Zero for this.

However, a real 100PLUS fan might, especially one who drinks it regularly. In fact, I won’t be surprised if they switch from a 100PLUS fan to a 100PLUS Zero fan.

Now, give me back my Coke Zero.

Rating: 4 / 5
Where: Anywhere lah. I got it from the coffeeshop near my office, whereby they display it at the drinks stall

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