100 Plus Zero Sugar Review from a 100Plus Fan: It Could be Better than the Original


Last Updated on 2023-07-10 , 5:37 pm

The Chronicles of a Casual Fan: A Deep Dive into 100 Plus Zero

Let’s kick off this tale with a clarification: I may not fit the description of a die-hard enthusiast of 100 Plus. “Is 100 Plus good?” you might ask. Well, while my beverage of choice is often the sugarless delight, Coke Zero, during my workout sessions (bar the plain H2O, of course), the “100 plus no sugar” quencher does play a role in sustaining my energy levels.

However, this bond with the drink could be likened more to a casual fling than an ardent devotion. The sugar and sodium, the key components of 100 Plus that support my IPPT training, make it a suitable choice. But now, there’s a new version on the block – 100 Plus Zero – and it supposedly contains no sugar! To put this into perspective, it’s like a chicken rice stall boasting about their specialty dish that, shockingly, lacks chicken and rice, leading to an impressive zero calories.

Now, let’s delve deeper into this 100 Plus Zero Sugar mystery.

According to the official 100 Plus website, although it’s devoid of sugar and calories, the essential minerals and electrolytes (including our pal, sodium or salt), are very much present. This composition aids in hydration, acting as a lifeline to keep us going. Moreover, for those wondering, “is 100 Plus Zero healthy?” the brand ensures us that the salt content is minimal, making it a fairly wholesome choice given the nourishing minerals it contains.

So, How Does 100 Plus Zero Taste?

Today, I decided to trade in my beloved Coke Zero for a 100 Plus Zero to accompany my cai png lunch. Let’s just say it was a rather… unusual pairing. To my palate, 100 Plus has never been a beverage that compliments a meal. But that’s just me.

My colleagues seem to be of the same mind. However, we did find common ground on one aspect: the comparatively less sweet taste of 100 Plus makes it more preferred over other sugary drinks. With the taste of the original 100 Plus still lingering, I braved the new sugarless variant, the 100 Plus Zero.


With zero expectations, I dove in.

To my surprise, the taste was more palatable than its predecessor. Remember how the ‘not-so-sweet’ taste of 100 Plus won over my colleagues? Well, this version is even less sweet. One aspect of soft drinks that I loathe is the residual ‘sticky sugary’ sensation post consumption. But 100 Plus Zero? It was refreshingly devoid of that. The more I sipped, the more it resembled sweetened tonic water, which wasn’t a dealbreaker given its sugar-free attribute.

Would I Choose 100 Plus Zero Again?

To be brutally honest, a resounding no. “Is 100 Plus healthy?” Yes, it is. But as I mentioned before, my go-to choice is mainly for the sugar content. Moreover, 100 Plus Zero felt more like drinking flavored iced water to me, which is not exactly my cup of tea. Plus, I’m not about to give up my treasured Coke Zero for this newcomer.

But I wouldn’t write it off entirely. For an ardent 100 Plus fan, especially one who is a regular consumer, 100 Plus Zero might be a gamechanger. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift from staunch 100 Plus aficionados to 100 Plus Zero converts.


For now, though, it’s back to my trusty Coke Zero.

Rating: 4 / 5

Where: Anywhere really! I snagged mine from the coffeeshop near my office, prominently displayed at the drinks stall.

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