11 Facts About Yao Wenlong, 1 of the Best Actors in S’pore for Over 20 Years


Last Updated on 2022-10-15 , 3:51 pm

Everyone knows Yao Wenlong.

He is one of those charming, charismatic actors who has made a name for himself not because he is good looking (oh, come on lah, he is!), but because he is talented with his acting skills.

After all, no one would deny that he could well be one of the best actors in Singapore, right?

We bet there are a lot of things about him that you don’t know. So, here’s 10 of them!

He is a Malaysian
Some of you may know that he is a Malaysian, but most of us probably think he is a Singaporean. He is actually a Johorian and his family is still living in Johor. Given the close ties between Singapore and Malaysia, we bet you can’t tell from his accent!

His birthday is coming
Yao Wenlong’s birthday is on 14 November. If you want to wish him a happy birthday, remember to take down the date!


He won Star Search in 1993
Yao Wenlong won the Star Search in 1993, showing that he has the talent to act. He pursued his acting career from then on and has not looked back since. Some of you weren’t even born then, eh?

He won a Star Award right after he started acting
In 1994, he won “Most Popular Newcomer” Star Award, proving that he is indeed one of the top actors of his time.

He is never afraid to challenge new roles
Yao Wenlong has a very positive attitude toward the roles that he acted. Never one to shy away from certain roles, he has tried various roles in his acting career; each one showcasing his talents. Who would have forgotten about his role in My Genie?

He won another Star Award in 2001
Yao Wenlong won the “Best Supporting Actor” in 2001 Star Award. It was the turning point of his acting career as he went from better to the best.


He continued to take on challenging roles
Yao Wenlong has a lot of challenging roles. From 2005 to 2009, he took part in a lot of dramas and did his fair share of challenging roles which won him the hearts of all Singaporeans.

He did not have much luck after 2001
Yao Wenlong did not have much luck with Star Awards after 2001. Despite the many challenging roles that he did, he has not won any more awards since. Nevertheless, he was nominated for various categories in Star Awards every year.

Despite him being nominated for the Top 10 Popular Male Artistes almost every year, he has not gone up to the stage to receive one so far.

He is an actor for 24 years
Since he won the Star Search in 1993, he has never left the industry. In his 26 years of acting career, Yao Wenlong has impressed many fans and fellow colleagues with his positive attitude and his passion for acting.

He has a great sense of humour
Yao Wenlong is known by his colleagues to have a great sense of humour. A jovial person by nature, he often tried to make his colleagues feel better on set and off set. An example was his comment to Yvonne Lim 3 years ago, where he said that their on-screen wedding photo can be recycled for her real-life wedding by cutting out his face and putting in Yvonne Lim’s husband’s face – all because he knew that she was uncomfortable with intimate scenes with him during the drama shoot.

He has a SG50 Baby
On 3 November 2015, his second child was born. During that time, he was still filming and had not expected his wife to give birth that day: the child was scheduled to have her first cry on 9 November instead, but she was delivered about one week earlier.

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