11 ‘High-tech’ Devices in 2008 That Deserve a Spot in the Museum in 2018

10 years have officially passed since the year 2008, and really, 2018 looks pretty good.

We’ve got the iPhone X, an almost cashless payment system here, and if you think about it, almost everything is pretty much digitalized.

It’d be nice to take a walk into flashback time and see what we loved then when it came to things “high-tech”. In fact, we used to think that we couldn’t go even more high-tech – but look at the world now.

So, without any further delay, check these bad boys out on things that were the latest in 2008, but are pretty much obsolete now!

The Older iPhone

Image macrumors.com

Why would it be old-fashioned to use the 2008 version today? It had a 2-megapixel camera and an iPod attached to it, and could connect to Wi-Fi. Apart from that, nothing else that interesting! Oh, no WhatsApp. But at least there’s a Calculator, which is cool, right?

HD DVD Players

Image: TechCrunch

Not slight step down from Blu-ray DVD players, but back then, this was something that gave you better movie clarity, and could take in a bigger capacity. It’s the big brother of VCDs and LDs, and it finally showed the world that you can fit one movie into one disc.

But it died as fast as it began…though some places are still selling it. The problem is, where can you find the DVDs?

Digital Cameras

Image: Ubergizmo

Remember the times of camera memory cards and zooming in manually to take the perfect shot? Nikon, Casio and a bunch of other brands remember! And one of these can cost up to $1,000.

Taking a selfie used to be expensive, man.

Amazon Kindle (or any ebook reader)

Image: Good e-Reader

Some of the pretty good days where people started to learn that they don’t have stack books up at home to read, as they could to it on an e-book reader. Paperless and a true game-changer. Back then, Kindle wasn’t supposed in Singapore so we had to resort to buying from importers or opt for other e-book readers.

Reading a book with your phone? Heck, back then, your phone just made friends with colour, and you expect to read a book there?

Wi-Fi Skype Phone

Image: Amazon

Yep, you read that right. There was a cordless phone which could thankfully accept Wi-Fi with Skype’s software installed on it. All you had to do was log into your account and voila! Cheap online calls were available to you.

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You could even create a brand new Skype account using the phone’s keypad. Well, at least that hasn’t changed, except for us – it’s a touch screen.

And of course, by 2018, landline is… almost dead.

Mp3 Player

Image: aliexpress.com

These badasses were essential in every train or bus ride. It used to be scary on how this small device can store so many songs and yet cost relatively reasonable – at only about $100.

But just like its cousin digital camera, it mated with phones and now, everyone listens to their favourite songs with its offspring, the smartphone.

Nokia N95

Image: CGTrader.com

Let’s just say that this was one of the mos powderful ones. Take a look at that: there’s colour!

There was no touch screen for this baby, but it came power-packed nonetheless. We’re talking about 3G access, a 5-MP camera, Wi-Fi connectivity and even a great Internet browser. There’s also a music player and support for Office documents to be read on it. Wow.


The Sony Handycam

Image: YouTube

It’s like you could unleash the hidden videographer in you with this one item. The handycam was compact AND light, and could give you high-definition videos. It also came with its own HDMI-port on the body so you could connect it to a TV and see your videos right away.

Now you know why YouTubers started to appear around this period. This badass gave birth to content creators that are now making millions.

Samsung P2

Image: Hardwarezone

We’ve been talking about the upcoming Samsung X, but did you know that back then it had a very much older cousin (more like an iPod, really), called P2? It finally had touch features for you to view photos and watch videos too.

And NO, this isn’t a phone. It’s like a power version of an Mp3 Player for the rich.

Portable Hard Drives

Image: techrepublic.com

Some of these babies were are bulky as can be – but they’d be able to fit 2,900 hours of music or 240 hours of videos into them. Most hard drives came with a shock-absorbing cover to protect what’s on the inside.

Now, everything is in the cloud. Tell that to someone in 2008 and they might think that “in the cloud” meant “deleted”.

Sony Playstation 3

Image: Wikipedia

Oh, wait. It’s 2018, and PS3 was out in 2007? Pretty sure PS5 is coming soon.

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