11 S’pore Car Parks with Humps or Slopes so High, Lowered Cars Shouldn’t Go In

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If you’ve driven a lowered ride before, you’ll know this: there’re several areas in Singapore that are “off-limit” to you because whenever you go up (or down) the speed hump, you’ll hear some noise from your car bumper, and then some noise from your nose (cries…).

While I thought I’ve known all the places (I used to drive a lowered ride that has its bumper rubbed so many humps, all I hope is that it won’t drop off), Google shows that what I know is just the tip of the iceberg.

And cars are expensive in Singapore. If that’s not Captain Obvious enough, here’s a video we’ve done to show you just how much it costs to own a car:

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If you’ve a lowered ride, here’s a list of the humps that are so high, you’ll wonder whether you’ll fly off to Mars if you drive too fast.

And this list is based solely on my experience: do Google for even more places!

All industrial buildings
Okay, maybe not all, but most of them. The rationale is simple: the speed humps are primarily for heavy vehicles, so if you drive your Ferrari up the car park, you might come down with thousands of dollars of repair cost instead. But here’s something to cheer you up: usually, these buildings have car workshops around. Might as well just get it fixed on the same day, eh?

Maybe it’s just me, but the higher you go, the higher the speed humps will be. If you go all the way to the top, you’ll be in for a surprise when you come down, because the speed hump going down is pretty high. Here’s a tip: try parking (or queuing) at the open-air car park. Not only do you need not go up and up, the car park there is sometimes quite empty.

Golden Mile Complex
If you want to experience some authentic Thai food, you need to experience some authentic Thai driving, too. Over here, the hump near the entrance is so high that even after rubbing my bumper on it, it even scraped my undercarriage. The trick is to park at Golden Mile Tower (just next door) instead, as the car park there is much more forgiving.

If you can skillfully squeeze through the human crowd and the narrow roads, you’ll need to face the “final boss” at entrance. I’m telling you, the car park seems to be made for Transformers cars.

Bugis Junction (Hotel Intercontinental Entrance/Exit)
I’m not sure if the entrance is still there (last I saw, it was under construction). If it is, the killer isn’t a hump but a steep slope up the entrance: it’s so steep, I’ve to push my RPM to nearly 5K to 6K to push the car up when I’m not with a full load.

Bukit Panjang Plaza
The speed hump is near the entrance and it never fails to disappoint. However, this is one heck of an innocent-looking hump: from afar, it looks low, but once you cross it, you’ll cry. The trick? Park at the HDB MSCP next to it. It’s cheaper and it won’t make you cry.

Entrance to Compass One
Before it becomes Compass One, it was called Compass Point. To get to the car park, you’ll have to go up a slope and pass by the pick-up / drop-off point. And that slope is a killer; it’s like going up Bukit Timah Hill. But hey, so you thought it’ll be better after they became Compass One? Well, NO. The slope is still there.

Jurong East Central HDB MSCP
You know the car park entrance next to NTUC FairPrice? Yeah, that, Going up is simple, but when you come down, it’s like a rollercoaster down…with a hump at the end of your ride. For the sake of your car, go park in JCube lah.

Hougang Mall
The car park is like a Bukit Panjang Plaza clone: it’s small, it’s confusing and it has an innocent-looking hump that’ll make grown men cry. And it has got an open-air public car park next to it, too.


There’re many humps there, but the killer one is the zebra crossing near the main entrance / exit of NP. In fact, from afar, you could almost feel your tears when you see how high it is.

The Central
I consider this the worst car park ever, and while the humps might not be that scary and high, you’ll be shocked at how sudden the humps appear—because throughout the drive in the ramp, you can’t see what’s coming.

Do you still know more speed humps that have once scarred your car? Do let us know!

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