31YO Woman Arrested for Allegedly Killing Her Father in Sengkang HDB Flat


On Friday (4 Nov), a 31-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly murdering her 67-year-old father in Sengkang.

In a statement, the police said that they received a call for help at a residential unit in Block 190A Riverdale Drive on Friday, at about 5:30am.

Purportedly, the unit in question is a four-room flat on the 15th floor.

Image: facebook.com (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

When police officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a 67-year-old man lying motionlessly with multiple wounds.

He was later pronounced dead by the paramedics.

According to the residents interviewed by Shin Min Daily News, the neighbours living one floor below heard arguments coming from the involved unit on Thursday night and Friday morning.

The police arrived at the crime scene at around 7am.


Subsequently, the officers were seen asking the neighbours if they had heard noises coming from the unit.

At least three police vehicles were parked at the foot of the block.

Some residents also spotted the officers sifting through the rubbish chute for a few hours.

Image: facebook.com (8world News)

One of them was seen taking a red plastic bag up to the 15th floor, but the contents within the bag are unknown.


In order to prevent any disruptions, the crime scene was also cordoned off. Neighbours told the media that they witnessed officers going in and out of the unit to search for evidence.

At around 11:15am, two police officers and two Singapore Casket eployees were seen carrying a black body bag out of the four-room flat and into a vehicle.

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From one neighbour’s account, a couple and their daughter resided in the flat which was being investigated.

The mother, however, passed away from cancer two months ago. 

The father, Chen Yabang (transliterated), had suffered from a mini stroke 10 years ago, which left him with some paralysis. Consequently, he retired from his job as a butcher, since he no longer had the strength to continue working.

The family of three were described as reserved and they rarely had any visitors.

When relatives of the 67-year-old man heard about the murder, they were shocked and angered, claiming that the couple had treated their daughter “like a princess” throughout her life, reported Today.

However, they noted that the relationship between the father and daughter had begun to worsen after the victim’s wife’s death in September.

According to the victim’s nephew, they had been arguing about the assets left behind by the accused’s mother—some money and the Riverdale Drive house—as well as house chores.

In the past, the victim had lamented to his nephew that he was worried about his daughter, as she did not know how to do basic chores like using the washing machine or cooking. Even when the father tried to teach her, she would refuse to listen.


The father had good intentions too; he wanted to ensure that his daughter could take care of herself if his health worsens.

The nephew also described the couple’s adopted daughter as a recluse who often kept to herself.

He told Today reporters that she was constantly switching jobs like she was changing clothes, and she didn’t like it when her supervisors gave her additional work. Apparently, she had a stubborn personality.

Nevertheless, the victim and his late wife still doted on her, going as far as preparing food and doing everything for her.

Due to the abovementioned reasons, relatives were shocked and furious after hearing about the murder, since the couple have never mistreated the accused, and have raised her for so many years.

Both Shin Min Daily News and CNA reported that the deceased’s adopted daughter may be responsible for the murder.


Chen Qiuyan (transliterated) was seen being led away by police officers with her hands crossed behind her back.

The police confirmed in a statement that a 31-year-old woman had been arrested for the suspected involvement in the murder of her 67-year-old father.

She will be charged in court for murder tomorrow (5 Nov), said the police.

The offence of murder is punishable by death.

Police investigations are ongoing.


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Featured Image: Facebook (8world News & Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

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