More Details About the Taiwan Porsche Driver Who Killed S’porean Emerged


A Singaporean man was hit by a Porsche car and killed by it in Taiwan on 1 November 2022.

More details have been released about the driver.

The Incident Recap 

To recap what happened, the victim was a man in his 30s or 40s and was hit while crossing the Dunhua South Road in Taipei’s Da’an District at 9 pm, a road that is not meant for pedestrians.

A white Porsche SUV had struck him at high speed, so much so that the car’s bonnet was severely dented.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries an hour later. He was a flight attendant under United Airlines but was not there for work purposes that day.

The driver is a 52-year-old man, and he is being investigated for offences against public safety and negligent homicide.

He had allegedly told the police that he had consumed a few glasses of red wine while having dinner with friends that night and believed he was sober while driving home.


However, a breathalyser test showed that his blood alcohol level was at 0.58mg/l, which exceeds the legal limit of 0.15mg/l in Taiwan.

He claimed that the victim had suddenly “darted” in front of his car, and also blamed the accident on the dark and rainy road conditions as he wasn’t “driving fast”.

More Details About the Taiwan Porsche Driver Who Killed S’porean Emerged

There are more details given about the 52-year-old driver, whose surname is Xiang.

Image: ET Today

Mr Xiang has four companies under his name, with his career revolving around multiple industries including interior design, investment, and real estate.

It is also believed that he is in charge of a well-known high-end fitness centre in Taipei City. He spent more than 100 million yuan in Songshan and Da’an District of Taipei City to open a top-notch SPA with high-end facilities, with an area of more than several hundred square meters. Many celebrities would visit his fitness centre for workouts, relaxation, and leisure.

Mr Xiang also once set up a charity group with wealthy businessmen and his friends to donate to the disadvantaged. He also held activities for the public to donate money for public welfare.

This Was Not His First Drunk Driving Incident 

Additionally, this was not his first drunk driving incident; he had been caught drunk driving in 2014 and 2018 (eight and four years ago).

Mr Xiang had drunk driven and was sentenced to jail for four months for his second offence.

In 2014, Mr Xiang was drunk driving, collided with a bus carrying passengers on the side of the road and was arrested for committing an act of public danger.

In 2018, after eating with his friends, he drove back to his residence in Xindian. He was stopped for drunk driving at the intersection of Keelung Road and Changxing Street in Beishi City. He was also found to have a blood alcohol number of 0.38mg/l.

This time, Mr Xiang had lunch with his friends in Da’an District and drank some red wine. He was drunk driving, which led to the fatal accident of the Singaporean man.

Image: ET Today

Mr Xiang’s Response to The Incident

Mr Xiang was transferred to the District Prosecutor’s Office and when asked questions about why he drank and drove, he said “I’m sorry” in a weak voice.

During investigations, the police wanted to check the surveillance cameras. However, the incident took place at a blind spot which was not covered by the cameras.

When checking Mr Xiang’s car memory card, there was no video recorded as well.


While there is still a lack of solid evidence of the incident—there is one thing we know for sure.

Mr Xiang likes to commit drunk driving incidents every four years, huh? 

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