Almost 1 Million People Used the SG-JB Borders Over the Long Weekend


Did you go to Malaysia over the long Labour Day and Hari Raya weekend?

Even if you didn’t, chances are you’ll know somebody who did. It turns out that nearly one million people crossed the Singapore-Malaysia borders during that period.

More Than Double The Amount From Previous Long Weekend

There were 436,800 travellers who crossed the borders over the Good Friday weekend.

This long holiday, from 29 April to 3 May, more than doubled that amount, with more than 950,000 people crossing our land borders.

There were more people leaving Singapore than entering, with a number of 491,400 leaving, as compared to 462,400 entrances.

Additionally, these numbers are way higher than pre-pandemic numbers, where around 400,000 people crossed the borders daily.

Seems like all of us really missed Malaysia. 

Here’s what the traffic jam looked like on 29 April:

@jbsgcauseway Causeway Traffic on 29 April 2022 evening #johorbahru #singapore #causeway #johorsingaporecauseway ♬ Oh my god – (여자)아이들

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More Used Private Transport Than Buses

Before this long weekend, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had advised travellers to use bus services instead of driving in with private vehicles. This is to avoid getting caught in the expected traffic jam.

However, there were still more travellers using cars and motorcycles than buses. 660,400 people used private transport, while 293,400 used bus services.

This could partly be because cross-border public bus services only resumed operations on Sunday (1 May).

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Featured Image: TikTok (@jbsgcauseway)