M’sia Police Investigating Footage of 2 Toddlers Playing on 17th-floor Window Ledge


Often times kids wander around the house to beat their boredom. Normally, they would play with their toys or watch their favourite TV shows.

However, things went from zero to 100 straightaway when two toddlers in Malaysia were filmed to be playing on the 17th-floor window ledge.

As of 28 Oct, the video that was posted on Facebook has garnered 165,000 views.

Two Toddlers Putting Life in Danger

In an 11-second video taken at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur on 25 Oct, two toddlers can be seen playing on a window ledge, which has a very tiny surface area.

During the start of the video, one of the children stood up, causing a huge scream to be let out by those who were watching.

After sitting back down, the onlookers said “ok, ok” as an expression of their relief.

Others in the video can be heard saying “hello, hello”, in an attempt to get their attention, while there were some who apparently said “duduk”, which is sit down in Malay.

Investigations Ongoing

According to Malay Mail, the police are investigating a couple, which is believed to be the parents of the two children, who are aged 2 and 4, under Section 31 (1) (a) of the Child Act (2001) for the incident.

The couple has since been summoned for questioning and has returned home.

Findings from the questioning indicates that the parents, who were at home during the time of the incident, were unaware of their children’s dangerous action.

In a statement by the police chief, he said “We advise parents not to leave small children without supervision because the act can be considered as negligence under the Child Act.”

Police also asked anyone with information on the incident to contact Wangsa Maju police headquarters at 03-9289 9222 or Kuala Lumpur police hotline at 03-2115 9999.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Reff Lia)