A Nasi Padang That Cost $24 in a Bedok Hawker Stall Drew Mixed Reactions

Caifans and nasi padangs are our cheap indulgences. They’re often the cheapest shop in the block, and sometimes the best. 

Unsure what to get? Go for caifan. Want to spice things up? Nasi padang is the way. 

Rain or shine, these self-select stalls are always there to please you. 

Unfortunately for one man, his experience at a nasi padang was less than ideal, to say the least. 

Nasi Padang from Bedok Hawker Costs $24

A man has taken to Facebook to express his dissatisfaction at a nasi padang stall in Bedok that charged him $24 for his takeaway meal. 

His lunch, comprising fish roe, tofu, sambal goreng, and rice, cost him nearly half of $50 and safe to say, he isn’t pleased. 

Image: Complaint Singapore/ Facebook

Recounting the incident, he said the storeowner had warned him about the steep price of the roe beforehand but didn’t tell him the exact price, and he thought it wouldn’t cost that much. 

Respectively, the fish roe, tofu, and sambal goreng cost him $20, $2, and $2. 

Moral of the story? Always check your prices. 

Netizen’s Response

At the time of writing, the post on Complaint Singapore has since gotten over 415 shares and 270 likes. 

Many pinned the blame on (obviously) the fish roe, which itself was enough to pay for five more nasi padang trips.

While they reasoned that the roe somewhat warranted the price, they joked about the quality of the fish, saying that it was from the “Great White shark” or a “golden fish.”

Image: Complaint Singapore/ Facebook

Others warned him never to return to the store and learn from the incident. 

Image: Complaint Singapore/ Facebook
Image: Complaint Singapore/ Facebook

$24 for a lesson. 

Last but not least, some asked the man to expose the stall name. 

Image: Complaint Singapore/ Facebook

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Why Is Nasi Padang So Expensive?

Some reckon that the nasi padang prices have increased over the years, and it’s true. After all, who keeps their costs constant with inflation? 

Seriously though, who? Let me know, please. 

Firstly, the dishes in nasi padang stalls often require long and tedious preparations. Thus, the price is for the chefs’ efforts. 

Next, nasi padang dishes tend to demand much more in terms of ingredients, which ties into the first point. 

Last but not least, expensive ingredients. As we all know, food prices are scaling. Similarly, owners need to charge more to cover their expenses as well. 

So, next time you buy nasi padang, check the prices to ensure you’re within budget (and not being scammed). 

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Featured Image: Complaint Singapore/ Facebook