10 Best-est Deals Happening This Week (26 Apr–2 May) That Kiasu S’poreans Cannot Miss

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It’s nearing Salvation Day. That elusive time of the month when you retrieve your hard-earned pay check.

It’s finally coming!

But the fact remains that there are still four days left to the end of the month, and they could still feel like a lifetime if you leave them unchecked.

They could, also, inflict a great ton of damage on your bank account before re-supplies even come in.

But hey, life is not just lifetime sorrow and prospective internal damage. It’s also about fun, entertainment and most importantly, Goody Feed’s 10 Best-est Deals series.

So before you start banging your head on your bank teller in utter self-pity, please grace through our latest issue first.

You may just find an affordable enough deal to tide over these last few days of the week.

1. Free Filet-O-Fish And/Or 50% Off Spicy McNuggets Till 28 April

It appears that McDonald’s is at it again with a delightful attempt to get us through the week.

According to Telegram group GoodLobang, McDonald’s will be hosting day and night promos again, from now till 28 April 2021.

From 12:00pm to 5:45pm, redeem a kick-ass, entirely free Filet-O-Fish with the promo code <FOFFREEIN>

And from 6:00pm to 1:30am, enjoy 50% off 20pc Spicy McNuggets with the promo code <20SPCPROMO>

Do note, however, that redemption can only be done via the McDelivery App.

You’ll also need to spend at least $10 to be deemed eligible.

One thing’s for sure though: the clown’s really out to put a smile on our faces.

Oh, speaking of McDonald’s, check out their up-and-coming Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger which will be in stores starting 29 April!

Promotional period: Till 28 Apr 2021


2. 50% Off Daily Deals At Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Fancy a sumptuous, yet affordable meal at household name Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao?

You can now do so until 30 April!

According to the Singapore-based culinary brand, you’ll be able to enjoy a staggering 50% off your favourite dishes every Monday to Friday!

Image: Facebook (Crystal Jade Singapore)

Each weekday will pertain to one specific category. For instance, you’ll be able to relish a hefty discount off xiao long baos on Monday, and appetisers on Friday.

Here’s the complete line-up of daily goodies for your perusal:

  • Monday: Xiao Long Bao category
  • Tuesday: Rice & Noodle category (excluding Shanghai Thick Noodle Soup with Shredded Pork & Cabbage)
  • Wednesday: Poultry & Meat category (excluding Pork Collar with Fresh Szechuan Peppercorns & Preserved Pickled Vegetable, and Signature Crispy Roasted Peking Duck
  • Thursday: Vegetable & Tofu category
  • Friday: Appetiser category

Do, however, note that certain terms & conditions apply. You can check them out here.

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

Nothing like a myriad of luxurious dishes to tide you over the dreary work week, and all for a more than reasonable price!

Promotional period: Till 30 Apr 2021

Locations: Available at all Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao outlets (except T1)


3. GODIVA 1-For-1 Soft Serves Until 29 April 2021

Lest you’re unaware, GODIVA is a stellar brand with a reputation for decadent chocolatey treats.

It’s also pretty, well, darn expensive.

And so, imagine our collective surprise when we saw a 1-for-1 offer going on at GODIVA Singapore.

We’ve never grabbed our wallets so quickly.

According to Telegram group GoodLobang, GODIVA will be releasing a promotional venture in which their Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Twist, and Vanilla White Chocolate Soft Serves will be going at just $9 for two.


For the record, it used to be $9 for just one. 

The deal will be happening every day from today to 29 April 2021 at GODIVA’s Bugis Junction outlet, within the 3:00–5:00pm time window.

Promotional period: Till 29 Apr 2021

Location: Bugis Junction #01-60/60A, 200 Victoria Street 18, Singapore 8021


4. Incredible Discounts Over At Texas Chicken

It appears that Texas fever is upon us, despite the lack of travel.

From now to 30 April 2021, feast your way through Texas Chicken’s delicious fare, all at heavily discounted prices!

We’re talking 8 pieces of chicken and tenders8 pieces, mind youfor just S$9.90.

Also, an entire BFF meal for just S$11.90.


Monday blues may be very real, but news like this one certainly alleviate some of that heart-wrenching pain.

Terms and conditions apply.

Promotional period: Till 30 Apr 2021

Locations: Click here to find your nearest Texas Chicken outlet

5. 1-For-1 LiHO Popular Drinks

Singapore may have been experiencing really cold, rainy weather recently, but there’s never an occasion too dour for a cup of bubble tea.


Let alone 1-for-1 offers with double the value.

According to telegram group GoodLobang, they have partnered up with local bubble tea brand LiHO Tea for a 1-For-1 promotional venture.

From now till 30 April 2021, you’ll be able to get the following 1-For-1 deals at all outlets:

  • Blueberry Green Tea
  • CheezHO Blueberry Jing Syuan Slush
  • Mango Delight

Also, you’ll be able to get the following 1-For-1 deals at selected outlets:

  • Blueberry Eggy Da Hong Pao
  • Lychee Oreo Eggy Latte
  • Strawberry Eggy Green Tea

To redeem, simply flash the following Telegram post:


Do note that screenshots are strictly disallowed.

For more info on the selected outlets, you can click here.

Promotional period: Till 30 Apr

6. 1-For-1 Fish & Chips At Big Fish Small Fish

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of big fishes, or small fishes, one thing can’t be denied: fish is tasty (sorry, vegetarians).


And that’s especially so when it comes with a hefty discount.

From now to 30 April 2021, enjoy half the price for Fish & Chips when you bring someone along to Big Fish Small Fish! Double the fun, half the price.

Simply flash the following post and show that you are a GoodLobang subscriber to redeem!

Please note that relevant terms & conditions apply.


You can also click here for more details on the eatery chain.

Promotional period: Till 30 Apr

Locations: Click here to find your nearest Big Fish Small Fish outlet.

7. Free Apple AirPods Pro When You Sign Up For Standard Chartered

Been eyeing that delectable pair of noise-cancelling Apple AirPods Pro for sometime now?

Well, you can now get it for free!


From now till 2 May 2021, sign up for Standard Chartered’s credit card services and be rewarded with a FREE pair of AirPods Pro (worth $379)!

And if you’re not a fan of AirPods, you can opt for the alternative: a cool $300 cash sum that will be delivered to you via PayNow.

To redeem, simply sign up for a selected Standard Chartered credit card via SingSaver.

Do note, however, that you’ll have to spend at least $300 within 30 days of application.

Other terms & conditions may also apply.


You can sign up here.

Promotional period: Till 2 May

8. S$1 Delivery Fee When You Order With Deliveroo

Has Circuit Breaker turned you into an absolute food delivery addict? No more fussing with cash, no more needing to hop onto public transport or walk to get your meals… what a life.

But sometimes, the delivery fee just shatters your dreams of convenience.

However, with Deliveroo, there’s no need to fear!

The popular food delivery platform will be lowering its delivery fee to just S$1 for all orders till 30 April 2021. Do note that minimum order and service fees still apply.

If you’re a UOB cardholder, you’ll also be eligible for an additional perk!

Use the promo code UOBAPR6 to enjoy S$6 off when you spend a minimum of S$25 on your food delivery order.

You can even combine both deals in a single order. Terms and conditions apply!

Promotional period: Till 30 Apr

9. 30% Off Burpple Beyond Premium Till 28 April 2021

Tired of seeking out 1-For-1 deals on a daily basis?

Well, just let Burpple do it for you.

Lest you’re unaware, the food discovery provider has a premium plan that promises:

  • 2,000+ 1-For-1 Deals at around 500 places
  • Membership for 12 whole months
  • Addition of new partners on a monthly basis
  • Average savings of around $920/year

And at $99/year, you’ll be able to purchase a premium plan that not only covers your costs, but three other people.

So in essence, it’s like a Netflix sharing plan, but for food deals. Sounds totally worth-it right?

Well, it’s about to get even more worth it.

From now till 28 April 2021, sign up for Burpple Beyond Premium and enjoy 30% Off the original price!

To redeem, simply key in the activation code <WOW30?>.

You can get it here.

Do also note that there are two premium plans available to cater to your needs.

Promotional period: Till 28 Apr

10. S$3 Off Unlimited Taxi Rides With Zig

After months of monopoly by the all-conquering Grab, it appears that the local ride-hailing industry finally has a new contender—which would, conventionally, mean enticing promotions for prospective consumers.


So lest you’re unaware, local taxi service provider ComfortDelGro has released a new ride-hailing service: Zig. And to announce their arrival, as well as signal an ill-hidden intention to upset Grab’s monopoly plans, they have introduced a really attractive promotional venture:

From now till 18 May 2021, enjoy S$3 off unlimited taxi rides with Zig!

Simply use the promo code ‘ZIG3OFF’, and you’re on your way to a super-affordable ride.

And while we’re at it, new users also get to enjoy $5 off your first taxi when you use the promo code “ZIGMYRIDE”.

Promotional period: Till 18 May 2021

Feature Image: Telegram (GoodLobang)

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