38YO Man Freezes to Death In Thailand’s 9°C Weather After Giving All His Blankets To His Daughter

Parents are amazing and sometimes give up so much for their children.

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Instead of relaxing after work, perhaps they take the time to teach their kids a hard math problem.

Or perhaps even things like abandoning a meeting to take a sick child to the doctor.

Shoutouts to all the moms and dads for being awesome!

In many cases even, parents even put their lives before their children’s.

To Keep His Daughter Warm

Stories like these always warm and break my heart.

A 38-year-old man living in northern Thailand froze to death after failing to keep warm in the 9°C weather.

Image: Sin Chew Daily

That temperature just sounds insanely cold from reading about it.

The father of two only had three blankets in his house and one daughter was off staying with a relative.

Thinking he could last through the cold, he gave them all to the remaining daughter.

This left only a long-sleeved thermal shirt for himself.

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His daughter later saw him sleeping in the cold and gave him back one of the blankets.

Unfortunately, she was unable to wake him up the next morning and her relatives later confirmed that he had died.

All because he wanted to take care of his child.

A doctor concluded that the man’s body could not adapt to the cold weather and unfortunately gave in to the cold.

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Image: Giphy

Sole Breadwinner

Apparently, the man was a single father.

Not like this helps the situation.

He had divorced his wife years back and was working a job that required manual labour.

We can only pray and hope that the two girls left behind will be properly taken care of in these tragic times.

May the father rest in peace.

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Please, readers, I strongly advise that you bring ample clothing if you’re planning to visit cold countries such as Thailand during this freezing period to combat the cold.

Image: Chiang Rai Times

The cold winds coming from China mean places like Chiang Mai can have temperatures as low as 8°C, especially in the morning.


Take care of yourselves.

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