5 Different Ways You Can Use The Foodpanda App Other Than Food Delivery


Last Updated on 2020-02-21 , 2:08 pm

Singaporeans are not unfamiliar with food delivery app, Food Panda delivery, right?

They have totally revolutionised the way we order our food. Where we used to call the hotline and make food orders, now we can simply order our food with a few taps on our smartphone.

However, did you know that the app can also be used for other purposes besides food delivery?

Here are 5 other uses we have discovered for the app. Do you have more to add?

Uses Of Food Panda Delivery App & Others

A Tip Before We Begin

And before you say that you are only able to view places nearby to you, think again. Just put a postal code near the area the restaurant is in and bam! Instant check.

For example, you’re in Woodlands and you want to check on a restaurant in Jurong Point. Simply put “640650” as postal code and it’ll appear.

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1. Checking for Food Prices

Food Panda’s app lists all the available restaurants near you that are available for delivery with the price of the food as well.

Instead of physically dropping by a restaurant you want to visit to check out the prices, you can use the app to do so, making it much more convenient to find new places to eat.

But there’s a catch. The prices are only shown when the restaurant is open.

2. Restaurant reviews

There is a review section on each restaurant’s pages, where customers can write feedback based on their experience with the restaurant.


From the reviews, you can decide for yourself whether the restaurant is worth visiting or should you order your next meal from them.

3. Discover new tastes

Undecided about what to eat? Food Panda’s got you covered. You can choose to browse food by desired types of cuisines and the choices are extensive.

Fancy some Japanese or French food? Or maybe you have always wanted to try some Turkish food.

Just click on the preferred category and it will show you the restaurants near you that have this type of food.

4. Planning your meals

If you don’t like to wait for your meals, Food Panda has a pre-order function that allows you to decide when and what you are going to eat the day before.

Perfect for workaholics who don’t have time to cook or if you simply love planning ahead.

There’s nothing better than finishing up after a long day at work and reaching home with a delicious, hot meal just minutes away instead of ordering when you get home and waiting for the prerequisite hour for your meal to arrive.

5. Surprise gifts

Flowers and chocolates are overrated gifts. Instead of buying such a common gift, why not surprise your loved ones with some tempting desserts or a tantalising meal?

Much more practical than flowers and it shows that you care about the wellbeing of the recipient as you are ensuring that they are well-fed.

After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their hungry stomachs. #TrueStory.


Now you don’t have to excuse yourself to draw money because you haven’t got enough to pay the bill. Paiseh, you know.