5 Reasons Why Going For Overseas Pocket Wifi Is Better Than Overseas Data Plans

Last Updated on 2018-11-29 , 3:07 pm

Unlike the past where going overseas literally meant going off the grid, today, it’s not the same anymore.

Overseas minutes and data have fallen to such a low rate it’s like paying for an extra GB or two depending on how long you stay out of the country.

In other words, affordable but still expensive.

There are a couple of ways to get data overseas like you’re staycationing instead of vacationing:

  • Pocket Wifi
  • Overseas Sim Card
  • Get an overseas data plan from your local telco

Now, most people think that the second is the cheapest and the third is the most convenient.

But we disagree. Here’s why.

1. No Bill Shock

Getting overseas data plans from local telco is convenient. No doubt about it, and it consolidates all your spending into one bill.

But, there are drawbacks to it too.

Most overseas telco plans give you 1GB worth of data to use for the day. And if you overshoot that 1GB? It’s okay, they’ll just charge you the same amount for another GB worth of data.

Sounds not bad, right? Until you realise each GB is worth $9 and you might be burning through almost $30 worth of data in one single day.

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Now, compare that to overseas Wifi egg plans like ReadyWIFI from Ready To Travel:

Image: readytotravel.com

That’s $5 for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and South Korea. For unlimited data.

$5 for the entire trip vs over $30 per day (depending on usage)? That’s a no-brainer.

2. It Saves More Money

Imagine your group decide to get a sim-specific plan, whether it be an overseas sim card or an overseas data plan from your local telco.

Each of you will have to pay up of $10 for one day of data. So if you’re going in a group of 5, you’re going to pay $50 per day as a whole group.

Now, let’s look at a Pocket Wifi instead.

Image: Goody Feed Facebook Page

These beautiful devices are made for people to share the data. They can connect up to five different devices.

This means if you and your friends decide to do some big business in the toilet together, the five of you can form a team and play a Rank match in MLBB together. Bonding.

Plus, that’s like $1 per person per day.

Image: memegenerator.net

3. It Saves More Battery Too

Okay, we all know that mobile phones nowadays can pretty much do anything and everything.

Including tethering other mobiles onto the same network and “share” the internet.

Disregarding the fact that your overseas data might “burst”, you can be sure that your phone’s going to die after midway through your day.

Pocket Wifis like ReadyWIFI, on the other hand, are made for sharing data overseas.

They can last up to 10 hours of usage on a full charge, and even if it’s dead, you can still play offline games on your mobile phone.

4. No Telco-Specific Data Provider

You’ve done plenty of research on the country you’re going to. You’re armed with what’s the best telco to be connected to (if you’re getting an overseas sim card) and you’re ready to get your hands on it.

But just like Singapore, different telcos will have better connectivity in different areas.

So let’s say you’re going to Seoul, maybe KT has the best network. But if you go to Busan, it could be LG Uplus that has more data connectivity.

Disclaimer: these are all just examples, in other words, could be totally untrue.

If you’re tied to a certain telco, you can only suck thumb and bear with it.

However, overseas Wifi eggs like ReadyWIFI is network neutral and designed to automatically connect to the best network in the area that you’re in.

In other words, full bars connectivity anywhere you go, baby!

5. It’s Cheaper Now More Than Ever

If you’re travelling overseas soon, here’s one more irresistible reason for you to go for ReadyWIFI.

Previously, we said that for $5, you can get overseas data for 5 people travelling together. That’s like $1 per pax.

Now, if that’s not attractive enough, they have an ongoing promo right now that’ll make you want to go for it even more.

How about having seamless internet connectivity in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong for just $3.75 per day?

No, not $3.75 per country. $3.75 for all of them. And if you share the connection with 5 pax, that’s 0.75 cents a day. Cannot even buy a cup of kopi in Singapore.

From now until an unspecified time, get ReadyWIFI for your overseas travel and that’s what you’re going to get for the following regions:

  • Northeast Asia ($3.75 U.P $5)
  • Europe ($9.00 U.P $12)
  • North America ($9.00 U.P $12)
  • Oceania ($9.00 U.P $12)

Promo Code: HOLIDAY25

Not going to any of these locations? That’s okay because they’re having 10% OFF for the following locations:

Image: ReadyToTravel by SATS Facebook Page
  • North Asia ($7.20 U.P. $8)
  • Southeast Asia 4 ($4.50 U.P $5)
  • Southeast Asia 8 ($8.10 U.P $9)
  • Asia ($9.90 U.P $11)
  • Guam and Saipan ($13.50 U.P $15)
  • Worldwide ($14.40 U.P $16)

Simply use the promo code below and your world would be connected by the brilliant thingy known as the Internet at an affordable price:

Promo Code: ATLRW10

And what if you need to go to, say, China? Your online presence would technically be gone since China bans platforms that you live by, like Facebook or Instagram.

But fret not because they’ve got you covered, too.

You can get Internet for $5.20 per day (after 35% discount) in North Asia Region which comprises the following countries:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau

The service would enable you to use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google as well. Time to IG the Great Wall of China, no?

Promo code: HOLIDAY35

So what are you waiting for? It’s cheaper, more “powderful” and more versatile.

Click here to book your ReadyWIFI device now! To find out more, you can visit their website for more information.

You’re welcome! 😉

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with Ready To Travel by SATS