5 things you’re doing wrong that turns your air-con into sauna

The heat that’s been hitting us this past month is pretty damn annoying. You’ve traded your signature set of Levi’s for a pair of cotton shorts. Your T shirt has not seen the light of day for three weeks now, and your new buddy is strapless blouses. 

Thank God for the gift of air cons. They make everything right again. You cool your body, and nerves too.

Have you noticed, though, how it always seems to unload hot air? Is there something you’ve not been doing right? 

These five tips will help you prevent your air-con from changing your cool room into a sweltering sauna.

Take a Look at Your Filters
The filters are essential in trapping dust and other microscopic allergens. All this catching causes it to be covered in a thick layer of dust and muck. Get a professional to clean it up once a month, or YouTube and figure out just how you can do it on your own.

Placing Your Air-Conditioner
Where this baby lies plays a major role in how it’s gonna function for you. Never place the air-con at a spot where sun is going to kiss it, every single day. If it is situated in a spot that’s shaded, it will have an easier time cooling your room down for you.

Get Your Air-Con Serviced
I cannot stress on just how important this point is. You would need to get your air-con serviced at least once a year by a professional. A professional serviceman would remove the entire unit, inspect it, clean it up and tune it until it runs like a smooth criminal.

Is it Time for a Change?
Your air-con is now SEVEN years old. And you still use it every night. It’s really no wonder why your electricity bill is hitting the roof, and your wallet too. It might be time to replace your air-con. There are many units that are energy-efficient these days. And they are available at an all-down low price tag.

The Right Air-Con for Your Home
Shop for a unit that compliments your house well. For example, if you buy an air-con that’s too small for your home, it would take a much longer time for your entire space to cool down. It’s better to invest a couple of dollars more and get one that is the best for you and your family. Ask your salesman for advice, and he’d be able to give you the best deal AND the best air-con.

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