5 unknown tips about wearing glasses that you certainly didn’t know of

As we all know, many Singaporeans wear glasses, some as young as primary school students. For the four-eyed person, here are some unknown tips on wearing glasses that make you rethink how you take care of your eyes and glasses!

There are many types of coating for lenses
Our lenses come with add-on coating that you can request for. These include UV protection, Anti-Reflective Coating and Scratch-Resistant Coating. UV protection coating blocks UV rays from entering out eye, meaning less chances of eye damages. Such damages include cataracts and growths in the eyes. Our eyes have natural UV blockage due to our corneas, but over time, it is worn down. Anti-reflective coating makes our glasses clear – meaning you won’t be able to see reflections of yourself on our lenses like normal glass. Scratch resistant coating are ideal for those active in sports.

Cleaning your glasses
Overtime, glasses can get dusty, and we often use our shirts to clean them on the spot. Note that some fabric can even do more harm if we rub them against our lenses. For best results, use micro-fibre materials, which are best for cleaning.

Also, avoid cleaners with alcohol ad vinegar as they destroy the coating on your lenses!

Move your Head, Not your Eyes
For those new to glasses, when you are trying to get used to wearing spectacles, move your head, not your eyes when you are wearing your glasses. For those people who are used to glasses, dizziness is not a problem, but for new wearers, they are! Also, to prevent dizziness, focus your gaze on something far instead of near.

Types of glasses
Glasses come with all shape and sizes – the cat glasses frames are ideal if you’re feeling sassy, the round frame ones if you want to look like Harry Potter… here are some tips: if you have a long angular and narrow face, try frames that are more circular as they will take up more room on your face to reduce the sharp looks. Avoid rectangular frames, and pick those with decorative details at the temple!

For square-shaped or heart-shaped faces, try narrow and rectangular styles to soften your jaw and elongate you face.

There are 4 common types of atypical eyesight
It is not impossible to have 2 or more of these type of eyesight. Furthermore, this means you might need more than a pair of glasses.
Myopia – Problems with seeing far objects
Far-sightedness – distant objects are clear but near objects are blurry
Astigmatism – when things seem blurry and stretched-out, and having “doubles”
Presbyopia is an age-related condition when the ability to focus declines.

Top Image: Rachata Teyparsit / Shutterstock.com


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