5 Useful Tips to Reduce Data Consumption ‘Coz Money No Enough


Last Updated on 2018-09-07 , 5:34 pm

Keechiu if you receive an SMS every monthly, telling you that you have overshot your monthly data limit.

You feel like you’re drinking data instead of using them: how the heck did you use 1 GB in a few days, you wonder.

Well, maybe you’re not implementing these five tips.

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Switch off Facebook video autoplay function
Videos is one of the largest in terms of data consumption, and good luck to you if all the videos loaded are in High Definition. To be safe, switch off the option to auto-load, or at least only auto-load when you are connected to a WiFi connection.

Set the video to open in ‘240p’ in YouTube
If you absolutely cannot survive without watching videos on the train, and you die die want to watch from YouTube, at least go to the options and set it to load videos at lower quality when on your mobile data network. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that.

One video (1hr23mins) in High Definition cost me a whopping 1.33gb in terms of data consumption. If you’re worried about it being troublesome, since you’ll want to watch the video in HD when you’re at home, do not worry. YouTube will automatically (as far as I know) load the highest quality video when it detects that you are on a WiFi network.

Cache at home before coming out
If you are an avid reader of websites like us, feel free to browse through the site at home where you have WiFi and save them for offline reading. So when you’re on the train, you can read to your heart’s content without worrying about consuming too much data.

Control background data consumption
Honestly, other than streaming music and videos on your mobile network, background synchronization of your applications takes up a huge bulk of your data consumption each month. Determine whether you really need all of your apps to sync every few minutes, such as your email or facebook.

For those you don’t really need, you can set it to synchronize every few hours, or even to manually sync so it will only start to grab things from the internet when you open the app

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Make use of your data usage limit
Android phones comes with a data limit option you can toggle in your settings. Make full use of it, even if it is not really accurate, it serves extremely well in cutting off your data when your phone has used up all the data in your plan for that month.

You can even set it to warn you if you are nearing the limit, and the moment it hits, your phone is no longer able to use the 3G or 4G network.

So these are our 5 tips on reducing data consumption, and we really hope it helps.

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