6 Best Places to Have Your Christmas Dinner for Less than $20 Per Person

Christmas is coming and as we know Christmas dinners can reach up to $100. In fact, did you know that you can actually save up for Christmas dinners? Here are a couple of places you can have an awesome dinner without breaking your wallet.

1. Marmalade Pantry

Image: actually.sg

This modern bistro has prepared seven various dishes ranging from appetisers to mains and desserts this festive season. Best part? They are starting from $14 per pax! 

Check out their link: Marmalade Pantry

2. Park Bench Deli

Image: outofoffice.asia

If you’re craving for sandwiches during this festive season, you can go to this Deli as which serves delicious turkey sandwiches starting from $16!

Check out their link: Park Bench Deli

3. Pizza Hut

Image: brandeating.com

If you’re into Italian food such as pizzas, Pizza Hut has a special promo which is the Cheesy Bites Santa Supreme with a price for $28.90 for 3 pax. You can also opt for their Big Santa Box if you’re staying at home with your family for this Christmas as it is $40 for 4 pax.

Check out their link: Pizza Hut

4. KFC

Image: singpromos.com

I’m sure you had seen the Red Hot Variety Feast advertisements by KFC everywhere. Best part? A feast which feeds 4 that only costs $10 per pax. And come on, who could resist KFC chickens?

Check out their link: KFC

5. Manhattan Fish Market

Image: foodiefc.blogspot.com

This season, Manhattan Fish Market has come with four Jolly sets under $20 for us to enjoy! The price ranges from $13.95 to $17.95. It is the perfect place to catch up with your family and friends while having dinner together!

Check out their link: Manhattan Fish Market

6. Cold Storage Festive Christmas Feast

Cold Storage is always hyped up for Christmas, and this time, they have a Festive Christmas Feast for family and friends to enjoy. And the best part, it serves up to 8 people!

Check out their link: Cold Storage

With that done, you all know what this calls for? A Christmas dinner worth saving! Oh, and have a wonderful Christmas ahead! 

Featured Image: outofoffice.asia

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