6 hidden secrets of running that professional runners never reveal to you


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If you’ve been running or if you’re planning to pick up running, you ought to know these before you continue that routine. Though it feels great to get some sweat or relieve stress through running, let’s admit that running is tough. Unless you’ve been running for life and it’s as easy as a pea. Understanding some techniques or knowledge will benefit your running routine. Doing it wrongly may also cause unhealthy problems to arise. Here are 6 hidden secrets of running that professional runners never reveal to you.

Good runners don’t just run

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If you’re old enough, you can’t just lace up your shoes and run. Gone are those days when you were much younger. ‘Pro’ runners do a wide variety of runs. Some do interval training or speed training during their runs to improve their stamina and speed. These training also work their cores and burn so much more than simply jogging at the same pace everyday. It’s essential to do some warm up exercises and take note of what you eat and drink before running as well to prevent side stitches and stomach cramps.

Foot strike doesn’t even matter

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Runners are always told to run on the balls of their feet. However landing on whichever part of your foot don’t really make a difference. Only note that it’s best to land your feet directly under your body so it eliminates over-striding and reduces aggressive heel striking. Most people make the mistake of reaching out in front of them to cover more ground, feeling that this approach will help them run faster. This is an inefficient running style and it’s best to land in relation to the rest of the body or your knees will wear out quicker.

Shoes aren’t that important

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Running shoes are a must but the type doesn’t really matter. Your Flyknit doesn’t help you fly or soar. Choose running shoes that feel good when you run will suffice.

Run slower

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It is a common misconception that running more or running faster will help them run faster eventually. Running faster means having more endurance and stamina, and to increase endurance simply means you have to increase consistency. Almost all of us can sprint, it’s a matter of how long we can endure it for.

Progress takes time

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It all boils down to time. Your fitness can’t be built in a month, let alone a week.

Healthy habits matter

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Your habits and routine matter. It can help you improve or cause damage to what you’re building. Focus on a healthy lifestyle, eat wisely and get proper rest will aid you becoming the runner you want to be.

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