Durian Smell in Germany So Strong, 6 People Have to Be Sent to Hospital After Smelling It


The King of Fruits itself is one of the most popular delicacies in Singapore and Southeast Asia as a whole.

However, even amongst our own people, it remains highly controversial as it still has no lack of haters.

“Tastes like heaven; smells like hell” is a famous description for durians.

Well, there are 60 Germans who can definitely attest to that fact.

Room-Clearing Smell

Well, building-clearing is more apt in this situation.

A post office in Schweinfurt of Bavaria, Germany had received a package that was met with great suspicion due to its pungent smell.


As its contents were unknown, the risk was so great that the entire building of around 60 workers was evacuated for a safe examination of the package.

Image: Giphy

After careful examination by the Schweinfurt police, the package was revealed to contain four durian fruits from Thailand.

For many Germans, this was probably the first time they had met with fruit so foul-smelling.

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Medical & Hospital Treatment Required

Twelve of the postal workers even reported nausea and had to receive medical examination and treatment, possibly due to severe exposure to the stench.

Image: Giphy

Six of them were even taken to the hospital as a safety precaution.

Doctor: “I’m sorry to break the news, but… you have been diagnosed with Stage 1 Durian Exposure.”

Postal Worker:

Image: Tenor

Asian Fruit Used Confusion! It’s Super Effective!

However, this was far from the first time Asian fruits had caused confusion and panic in Western countries.

According to the same report by CNN, in 2019, staff were evacuated from the University of Canberra library due to a suspected gas leak, but it turned out to be – you guessed it – durians.

And other Asian fruits aren’t spared. Some Americans are pretty damn confused by rambutans and it was even used as “alien fruit” props in a Netflix series.

Also, next time my family feasts on durians in the living room, I’m going to report nausea and ask for medical treatment.

Maybe can geng one MC and skip work somemore.

But, what the hell is wrong with the smell of durians? You can read up on it here.


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