Ang Moh Guy Gets Laughed At For Peeling Rambutan With Potato Peeler; Pronounces It Funny


While we all live on the same blue marble of a planet in the universe, our cultures can differ very greatly.

And sometimes, it leads to pretty hilarious situations.

Remember just earlier this year, the angmohs making a Netflix sci-fi series decided to use rambutans as an alien fruit?

Image: Business Insider Singapore

I was honestly not that surprised, considering that Westerners have pretty skewed perceptions of Asian food.

To the slightly more racist ones, we’re all Chinese and we all cook dogs in a steamboat with alien fruits on the side as dessert.

But then again, we have bubble tea pearls on French fries, so I guess they’re not that far off.

However, rambutans return once again to cause some confusion in the lives of Americans, who are much more used to simpler fruits like apples and pears.


TikToker Opens Rambutan… With A Peeler

Gavin Smith, an American TikTok user, featured our delicacy in two of his videos.

In case you’ve no idea what TikTok is, here’s a video we’ve done, explaining “simi is TikTok”:

In the first video, captioned “What even is this?”, he examines the alien lifeform that we call rambutans.

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

He examines it, muttering “What… is this?”

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

He then proceeds to open it but peeling the skin with a potato peeler.

Image: KnowYourMeme

I’m not sure how you’d go about doing that, but they were struggling quite a bit.

They eventually got to using a knife and had a fun time examining the seed inside.

Second Video About “Rehm-Byu-Tahn”

In the second video, Gavin Smith appears to have gained some knowledge of the fruit (probably through comments), and he starts off by butchering the pronunciation of its name, calling it a “rehm-byu-tahn”.

But let’s not be harsh on him. I’d like to see how many Singaporeans can pronounce the word “Achilles” without butchering it.

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

“That just looks nasty, man!” he says.

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

He slices the skin open with a small knife, saying, “You’re actually supposed to use a knife to cut these bad boys open.”

He made it look so easy. I’m pretty bad at opening rambutans.

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

He was pretty excited when squeezing the fruit one, going “Oh hoo hoo hoo!”

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

He then went on to examine the fruit closely, saying “That seriously looks like some alien-type stuff, man…”


You can’t really blame them. Rambutans are pretty weird and alien-looking, to be fair.

He then pops it into his mouth…

Image: TikTok (@hommiepen)

*face of approval*

“Mmmmm… not bad!”

Well, I’m glad that even Westerners love our little alien Asian fruit.

You can watch his two videos here:


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