6 instant hacks you must know for the most comfortable flight ever

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As travelling via airplane becomes easier and cheaper due to the increased number of budget options, more people are taking to the skies even more frequently. There’s a saying that’s even more true in the aviation industry: you pay what you get for. If you’re going for economy class, you’ll definitely have to forgo some creature comforts that your fellow travellers in first-class or business class will get.

Does that mean we have to suffer? No. For those of us who do not have the luxury of taking first-class, here are some instant hacks to make yourself as comfortable as possible in your peasant-ly economy class/ budget economy class seat.

Wear loose-fitting clothes.
Belts and tight/non-expanding jeans will go from fashion statement to fashion boo-boo as your plane ascends from the ground to 39,000 feet.

Carry a jacket.
Yes, most airlines (especially our dear SQ) carry blankets on flights. However, if you are going on a budget flight, do remember to bring a jacket unless you want to shiver all the way to Ho Chi Minh or end up paying extra to get one. Even if you don’t end up using your jacket, it is a handy piece of material that can double up as a pillow/cushion as well.

Look after your feet and legs.
Do regular stretches throughout your flight to keep the blood circulating well. Point your toes, flex your heels, roll your ankles in a circular motion and stretch your calves. Even if you do not need the loo, walking up and down the cabin can help you feel more comfortable during your flight.

Create an environment conducive for sleeping.
Especially on red-eye flights, catching a nap will also allow you to feel more refreshed. Wear a sleeping mask, use a neck pillow and some good old earphone will help to block out light and noise, as well as relax the muscles in your neck and head. It also helps to go through your “usual” pre-sleep routines (brushing your teeth, washing your face etc).

Think about your in-flight entertainment.
Travelling on an airplane can provide you down time to read, draw and write before you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of reaching a new city, or going back home. You can also listen to music and watch movies on planes as well.

Bring along anti-bacterial hand sanitiser and wet wipes.
Besides their obvious hygiene benefits, these can also leave you feeling more refreshed during a flight.

Do these 6 things, and you’ll find yourself flying a lot more comfortably!

Top Image: Takashi Images / Shutterstock.com

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