A Household Literally Put Up a 6m-Tall God of Wealth Statue In Their House at Kranji


In the iconic Chinese New Year (CNY) song “财神到“ (The God of Wealth Comes), one of the lines goes “财神到我家大门囗”, or “the God of Wealth comes to my front door”.

For this family, the six-metre tall God of Wealth has decided to stand on their balcony instead.

How Did It Even Get Up There?

Being a God, he obviously descended from the heavens and chose this balcony as his landing spot.

OK, just kidding. But it’s not that far from the truth: he was hoisted onto the balcony by a crane.

And if you ever wanted to see the God of Wealth spinning slowly and generally having a fantastic time while being up in the air, here’s your lucky day.

Real Gold? Nope, It’s Polyfoam

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the shining and smiling God of Wealth isn’t actually made out of gold (no matter how fitting it may be).

Instead, the owner told Shin Min Daily News that the statue is made of polyfoam, which is a pretty light material. So nobody has to worry about the embodiment of wealth breaking their balcony!

The household also shared that they’re in the design and decoration field of work, which explains the myriad of decorations outside their house. They include oranges, flowers, a butterfly, and Chinese characters that directly translates to “welcome springtime and accept blessings”.

Oh, and before you start thinking of creating your own statue for CNY, the household spent two months making their God of Wealth.

Maybe if you scaled it down from six metres to six centimetres…?

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Reactions from Neighbours and Passer-Bys

Those living around and passing by the house in Kranji would have seen the giant statue smiling down at them. Needless to say, many were surprised and confused.

Some even made TikToks about how huat this family will be this year:

Neighbours were reported to have been surprised by the massive statue but were looking forward to being blessed by it.


Well, if that neighbourhood starts winning 4D, TOTO, Big Sweeps, and all the lucky draws… They know who to thank!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Andrew Wee)