IKEA Might Release This Sofa That Looks Like the Red Bean Buns Sold in HDB Bakeries

Several fancy bread stores have emerged over the years, but traditional bakeries under our HDB blocks are still the bomb.

As we walk past these shops, the amazing aroma can never fail to make us pick up some traditional bread sometimes.

Coupled up with the affordable price point, and nostalgic factor, the case is closed.

What if I tell you that a sofa that looks like our HDB bakery buns might be released soon?

IKEA Might Release This Sofa That Looks Like the Red Bean Buns Sold in HDB Bakeries

Recently, pictures of a peculiar-looking sofa have surfaced online, and it has caused quite a conversation.

Just last Monday (17 Jan), Estonian rapper Tommy Cash posted a series of mockups on his Instagram. He titled the IKEA product with a realistic product tag called “LOAFA”.

Keyword: mockup. So it isn’t an actual IKEA product…yet.

Image: Instagram (@tommycashworld)

The bread-inspired L-shaped sofa has several features:

  • Round buns at the base *for extra comfort*
  • Hotdog buns as the backrests and armrests

The glossy appearance really adds a new dimension to the “bread”. Does it not remind you of roti john buns?

To take things to the next level, we decided to zoom in on the details of the product tag. The sofa is apparently 280cm x 389cm in dimensions and even has a disclaimer that says “Do not eat”.

Pretty sure it’s common to mistake the sofa for real food.

Initially, Cash’s caption was “so IKEA told me if we get 10000 comments under this post they will release the LOAFA! let’s show them that we need this foreal!!”

However, the caption has now been edited. The current one reads “LOAFA is coming to your nearest IKEA söön!”

The reason? The post has garnered over 140,000 likes and close to 12,000 comments, which meant this sofa could really be in production soon, unless someone is lying.

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Not the first bread-inspired item by Tommy Cash

Just so you know, this is not the first time Tommy Cash has come up with bread-inspired items. Back in March 2021, he also released a pair of bread-shaped slippers.

IMAGE: tommycashshop

The release was in collaboration with Maison Margiela, a French luxury fashion house. The interior of the shoes looks like apart of a white bread slice. On the flip side, the exterior takes after a freshly baked golden brown loaf.

It is priced at approximately S$175 and according to the website, it is currently sold out.

In the meantime, let’s all wait patiently for the LOAFA.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@tommycashworld)