This Tiger Year Will be a Water Tiger Year; Here’s What That Means

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I’m sure you’re more than aware that 2022 is a year of the Tiger. But did you know that it’s more than just an ordinary Tiger?

Yes folks; the different elements don’t just belong to The Last Airbender. They apply to the Zodiac cycle too.


This Tiger Year Will be a Water Tiger Year

Lest you’re unaware, the Chinese element theory dictates that each zodiac sign would come with its own element:

  • Gold (also known as Metal)
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth

So, if say you were born in a year of the Pig, you wouldn’t be a normal type one. You could, for instance, be a cool fire pig.

Zodiac signs just got a whole lot cooler.

As such, 2022 is no ordinary year of the Tiger either. The accolade belongs to the Water Tiger, an element that takes hold over the 1 February 2022 to 21 January 2023 period.

In case you’re curious, the previous Tiger was a Gold Tiger. It presided over the period of 14 February 2010 to 2 February 2011.

As for the last Water Tiger? It was last seen in 1962, the very year Hollywood star Tom Cruise was born in!

Here’s What That Means

And so, that begets the all-important question: What does a year of the Water Tiger mean for us??


For starters, the Water Tiger is widely recognised as a valiant and successful critter. As such, it’s only natural to assume that 2022 will be filled with vast riches and success.

Fortune teller and writer Ludovica Squirru Dari has himself indicated that 2022 will be a humanistic period. It will be a year that’s ideal for realising one’s dreams, but it will take courage on your part.

Though of course, as Horoscope protocol would dictate, the year of the Water Tiger will also affect each Zodiac sign differently.

Tigers, for instance, will get job offers and even travelling proposals. They will, however, have to make vital decisions, and are advised to be patient when entering the decision-making process.

Rats will enjoy wealth in the workplace, and they should be more confident about themselves.

Rabbits are advised to handle changes quickly, and should practice more initiative and riskiness in their decisions.

Dragons may suffer from a rather dry spell (in terms of prosperity), and they may have to worry about their well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Snakes will have their previous toxicity removed by the Water Tiger. 2022 will be a new year (other than literally) for them.

Horses can expect positive changes, though they will also have to prep themselves for vital decision-making processes.

Goats may find it hard this year, as they’re the least fortunate sign amidst the herd.

Monkeys will see their efforts bear fruition, and may make many new experiences and friends.

Roosters will have to stop working at everything alone, and accept the notion of asking others for help.

Dogs may face notions of stagnation, but they should not be discouraged.


Pigs will find it hard-pressed in the luck sector this year, though they can still achieve something meaningful if they’re willing to put in solid hard work.

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Apart from kickass elements, the different Tigers are also differentiated by particular characteristics.

For instance, a Wood Tiger (nothing to do with a golfer) will tend to be more compassionate and open, while Fire Tigers are more optimistic and independent in nature.

Earth Tigers are adventurous and realistic, while Gold Tigers differ based on genders. Female Gold Tigers, for one, will tend to be more enthusiastic, while their male counterparts will be more stubborn and, rather ironically, feminised.

Meanwhile, Water Tigers will possess strong self-esteem and learning abilities.


With that said, do take zodiac predictions with a pinch of salt because in the end, fortune favours the bold.

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