7 hidden traits of super attractive guys you probably didn’t know

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Imagine this: you’re walking down the street and this tall broad guy with sharp, chiselled features walks past you. You find yourself glancing back, hoping to get a second glance.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of genetically blessed human beings. But is it just because he’s hot? Here are 10 hidden traits of these guys that you probably had no idea about.


Most of the time, super attractive guys are filled with confidence because let’s face it; they know that they’re good looking. They are fully aware that they can attract girls by just flashing their smile. And we all love a confident man.

Here’s a hint: if you’re not as attractive but you carry yourself with confidence, people will take second glances at you too.


While most people assume that because they are attractive, it automatically means they get away with everything. There is some underlying truth in that, but I’ve meant attractive guys that are actually really hardworking—a quality I shouldn’t be surprised they have, after all, they have to work for their bodies too.

They dress well

Most attractive guys have a great sense of fashion. They know what looks good on them and how to enhance their beauty. Or rather, even wearing a plain black tee and denim jeans just looks good on them.

They are independent

They do need anyone to validate their self-worth and rely on people for their needs. They are fully capable of getting what they want.

They will not be in constant need of reassurances

Everyone needs reassurance every now and then. But attractive guys tend to be less insecure and will not need you to constant tell him that he’s good enough for you. It’s nice that the person you’re with is self-assured and not need you to remind him over and over again.


Remember when we mentioned that good-looking guys strive to be the best in every task given? Well, they tend to also want to emerge first in everything they compete in, mostly in sports. That’s not a bad trait, and it’s good to know that he will not give up when the going gets tough.

They are funny

If you’re calling someone super attractive, think of a quality that attracts you to him or her? Simple. His humour. Being humorous is one of the top qualities in every girl’s book of hot guys traits.

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