7 New Rules You Have to Know if You’re An E-bike User or Planning to be One


On 10 January 2017, new regulations were approved in the parliament to regulate the use of power-assisted bicycles(PAB), which is also the e-bikes we see on the streets.

More information on the law will be provided by the Transport Ministry and amendments on the new legislation will be done under the Road Traffic Act.

According to the Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo, e-bikes are being targeted in particular as they are often being modified illegally so as to increase its speed on the roads.

The new rules are as follows:

16 years old and above
The cyclist must be 16 years old and above and must wear a suitable protective helmet. 

Cycling paths
E-bikes can only be used on roads, cycling paths and shared paths. It is not to be used on footpaths so as to prevent dangerous accidents.

Maximum speed is 25KMH
Motor power output of the e-bike must be progressively reduced and finally cut off as the bike reached 25 KMH, or sooner if the cyclist stops pedalling. Some illegally modified e-bikes reach as fast as 100 KMH, which is a big no-no.


250 watts
Maximum power output rating of the e-bike’s motor must not exceed 250 watts.

Motor power should only start when the cyclist pedals
Cyclist must pedal to start the motor.

The maximum weight of an e-bike must not exceed 20kg. This helps to prevent any serious injury if a collision ever happens.

LTA approved seal
All e-bikes must be affixed with LTA seal of approval. Also, all e-bikes must have EN 15194 marking to show that the e-bike follows the European standard. 


For cyclists who ride an unapproved e-bike, first offence will be fined up to $300 while second offence will be fined up to $500. Repeat offenders can be charged in court and have their e-bike confiscated by the authority.

If you have an e-bike or planning to get one, make sure you follow these rules so as to ensure a safe ride and also not get into trouble with the authority!

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