7 Types of Flowers Other Than Roses to Give Your Bae This Valentine’s Day

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Ah, Valentine’s day. Ladies (attached and unattached) love this day, and guys (attached and unattached), not so much.

Valentine’s day represents a day of showing your love to your significant other, and incidentally also a day of breaking the bank (for a lot of guys).

You’ve probably been giving roses for Valentine’s day for years now, and there is no better year than this year to mix it up a little. You can also take the chance to show her/him how much effort you spend on them, with your atas choice of flower.

Here are 7 kinds to choose from.

1. Carnations

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Normally representing a mother’s undying love, and consequently the go-to flower for Mother’s Day, Carnations also stand for fascination and new love. As a plus, these flowers are affordable and last long as well.

2. Casa Blanca Lilies

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These white lilies are super classy, representing beauty, class and style. This is a dramatic and sophisticated choice, and can make your valentine’s day extra special. Although more pricey, these flowers are incredibly fragrant, and your SO is guaranteed to love it.

3. Alstroemeria/Peruvian Lilies

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Aside from a super atas sounding name, these flowers complement other blossoms in a bouquet nicely. They also represent devotion, which makes this flower a perfect way to express your undying love. They’re also easy to find!

4. Tulips

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Red tulips are a declaration of love in the Victorian language of flowers, and you tell your SO exactly that. In addition, tulips are elegant and simple, conveying a certain comfort, as well as representing perfect love.


5. Sunflowers

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You can totally give sunflowers for Valentine’s day! These bright and easily identifiable flowers represent warmth, happiness and loyalty, and can definitely lift your SO’s mood. This one is definitely a cute choice to surprise your partner.

6. Gardenias

Image: gardenia.net

Gardenias are incredibly fragrant and signify purity and joy, in addition to connoting a deep, old-fashioned love. Instead of buying a single rose, you can consider buying a single Gardenia (they only come in single blooms) to make a sophisticated statement. Like the Casa Blanca Lilies, this one is super atas.

7. Gerbera Daisies

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Daisies represent beauty, innocence and purity, and the bright colours of this particular kind additionally represent cheerfulness. Get red ones as an excellent alternative to red roses, or get a bunch in different colours to represent many things at once, like gratitude, love and admiration.

Of course, roses remain the safest choice if you’re not confident in what your SO likes, but you can totally consider the flowers above, as a fun alternative, and as a different and special way you can express your love for your special one.

Just remember to ask your florist about combinations, in case you end up with a less than satisfactory bouquet of jumbled flowers. Have fun!


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