US Jet Shot Down Another UFO Flying Over Canada Under the Direction of Canada PM

Yet another unidentified object (UFO) has been spotted in the skies and promptly shot down.

This time, though, the object was floating slightly further north, over Canada, instead of the United States.

The latest object is the fourth object to be seen flying overhead this week.

The first object was a nefarious surveillance balloon (if you are Team US) or a weather vessel blown off-course (if you are Team China).

It was also reported that there was a second airborne vessel floating over Latin America.

The third was cruising over US and shot down around the Yukon region (near to Alaska) but details are still hazy.

What’s with this latest fourth object?

Canada PM Gave Orders to Shoot Down UFO Spotted Flying Over Canada

Here’s what we know about the UFO flying over Canada.

After the UFO was spotted over Canadian skies, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promptly issued orders for the object to be shot down.

In a tweet, PM Trudeau confirmed that he had “ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace”.

The latest take down was a display of North American solidarity, with both the Canadian and US fleets were summoned to hunt down the UFO.

This partnership between Canada and US finds its origin in the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). NORAD’s objective is for “the United States and Canada to defend North America and protect [their] nations’ critical infrastructure”.

How reassuring to know that your kakis have your back.

NORAD’s prowess shone through and eventually, the intruding object was successfully shot down by a US F-22 fighter jet. This model is the very same one which was used during the previous two shootings.

Boy, do we hope that Singapore has some F-22 fighter jets too.

The UFO this time was cylindrical in shape, in contrast to the balloon which was shot down by the US and the object the size of a small car which was shot down after that.

PM Trudeau also gave some insights into the next steps for Canada, tweeting that Canadian forces will be working to “recover and analyse the object wreckage”.

Who Did It?

We’re dying to know more details but once again, we are in the dark about the culprit behind the UFO flying over Canada.

Apart from China speedy manner of claiming ownership of the first airborne vessel which flew over Canada, the origins behind all the other vessels remain unknown.

Conspiracy theory: Perhaps the balloons are some alien species’ way of trying to establish contact with humans.

But we’ll only really know once the results of the wreckage analysis are released.

In the meantime, hang tight and don’t be too shocked if you wake up to news of yet another UFO spotting.

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