Woman Accused of Humblebragging by Gifting FDW With Phone & Posting It on TikTok


Last Updated on 2023-02-15 , 10:17 am

We’re all slaves to social media. Who hasn’t had the urge to post an Instagram story or a TikTok about something that they’ve done?

But for some, their seemingly innocent posts of sharing a part of their daily lives could be misinterpreted (or not?) by some keyboard warriors.

TikTok user @lingzhi_xo (whose profile states her name as Laurel) has some first-hand experience about this.

Woman Buys FDW an Oppo Phone

Last week, Laurel shared a short 14-second video on her TikTok account documenting the process of herself buying a new phone for her domestic helper.

The video begins with a shot of Laurel at what looks like a phone shop, tapping her phone on the shop’s terminal to buy a phone. She is seem carrying a branded luxury tote bag.

A caption “My helper has been working for my family for the past 13 years” is overlaid on the video.

The next scene shows Laurel posing with the phone box in the shop, before transitioning to Laurel walking towards her domestic helper to present the gift to the latter.

Image: TikTok (@lingzhi_xo)
Image: TikTok (@lingzhi_xo)

Another caption explains the reason behind the gift that said helper’s phone “recently broke down” so Laurel was presenting her with a new one.

Laurel ends with a heartwarming message of appreciating her helper so much, with her helper unboxing the gift in the background.

The video ends with a heart-warming shoulder pat between Laurel and her domestic helper.

Watch the full video here:

@lingzhi_xo 2nd mum!! #thankful #helperinsingapore ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

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TikTok Draws Flak From Netizens

Since that video was posted, there were some less-than-positive comments on Laurel’s post.

Some netizens accused Laurel of showing her appreciation too late, given the helper’s contributions for more than a decade.

Image: TikTok (Carninarbae)

Others questioned the value of phone that Laurel purchased (an Oppo phone).

Image: TikTok (Francis Koh)
Image: TikTok (Eric Hen Chou)

Yet others commented that this video must have been made with the intention of content-creation.

Image: TikTok (Gandhi De Bong)

Woman Responds With Another TikTok

In response to the flak and criticism, Laurel has posted another TikTok to respond to the haters.

@lingzhi_xo Replying to @Carninarbae ♬ Howl’s Moving Castle Theme: Merry-Go-Round of Life – Piano – Frozen Silence

She says that her intention of filming the interaction was to “spread some positivity” and remind her that “amid celebrating the festive season, we can also spread some positivity and love”.

And maybe lingzhi (a Chinese medicinal herb) is just healing, lah.


She’s not wrong. Given the spate of news about domestic helper abuse, we’re glad to see some kindness being shown to these workers as well.

Laurel also indirectly references that her family has been good to the helper as the helper has helped out for a lengthy 13 years, with the “intention to continue on”.

Finally, Laurel also hits back at haters questioning the choice of an Oppo phone—Laurel says that the Oppo phone is “a good phone” which is “value” and her helper is pleased with the option.

For all you skeptics out there, it seems that there is some truth behind Laurel’s appreciation for her helper.

Laurel and her helper look close. In another video posted by Laurel which featured her helper, the duo can be seen interacting comfortably without any awkwardness.

Laurel and her helper were discussing the latter’s outfit choice, which looks like a uniform but is a favoured outfit for its “pockets”.

@lingzhi_xo Replying to @KenleeW207 ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Image: TikTok (@lingzhi_xo)

What do you think? Was this a genuine documentation of Laurel’s kindness or was she exploiting a close family help for views?

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Featured Image: TikTok (@lingzhi_xo)