79-Year-Old Man Slashes Sister Because She Doesn’t Want to Give Him Pocket Money


Chan Tuck Sing, 79, tried to kill his younger sister, Madam Chan Sow Lin at the wake of another sister, Chan Sow Boey.

Unemployed for 15 years, his mother initially gave him allowance to survive.

After his mother died in 2006, his sister, Chan Sow Boey took over and gave him S$510 every month from the amount her mother left her.

On 6 April 2016, Chan Sow Boey was found dead in her flat.

After finding out, Chan Tuck Sing was upset and worried, reportedly because his source of income was cut off.

Asked victim if she would continue giving him monthly allowance

On the first day of the wake, he approached Chan Sow Lin whom he had not met for 44 years.

He asked if she was willing to give him S$510 every month, the same arrangement as the one he had with Chan Sow Boey.

She refused.

Spending the whole night thinking of the rejection, he decided to kill her the next day.

He went to Chan Sow Boey’s flat and took a chopper.

He wrapped a t-shirt around it and put it in his bag.

When he reached his sister’s wake, he gave Mdm Chan Sow Lin’s son money to get him a cup of coffee.

Then he walked up to her and started slashing at her.

A guest was present at the wake but fled.

Chan Sow Lin attempted to fend him off with a plastic chair but he hacked at it and pulled it away.

Then, he continued slashing at her.

It was only when a passer-by spotted the incident and shouted, did he drop the chopper and run away.


He went to clean himself at a petrol station, then turned himself in.

He has been detained since then.

Chan Sow Lin was hospitalised for nine days for multiple complex facial lacerations and hand fractures.

Pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted culpable homicide for the attack on April 8, 2016.

On 23 Feb 2018, Chan pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted culpable homicide.

The prosecution asked for a jail term between six and seven years but the judge decide to adjourn the sentencing and ask for a further psychiatric report.



Chan was assessed by psychiatrists and found to be suffering from an adjustment disorder, impairing his judgement and impulse control.

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