8 Best Place To Play Pokemon Go in Singapore to Make The Best of Your Off Days


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 11:27 am

Here are the 8 best places to play Pokemon Go in Singapore for catching Pokemon during the weekends to make the best of your off days!

Best Place To Catch Pokemon In Singapore

1. Orchard Road

Pokemon Go in Singapore - orchard-road-weekend

No matter whether you’re just looking to level up your character or you’re searching for rare and strong Pokemon, Orchard Road is one of the more popular choices for serious Pokemon GO trainers.

If you’re playing Pokemon Go in Singapore, you have to go here.

From the rare and strong like Porygon and Charizard to the common ones such as Eevee and Arcanine, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It doesn’t hurt that businesses like ION are putting out hundred of free lures to attract wild Pokemon to their premises.

2. Chinese Garden / Japanese Garden

Pokemon Go in Singapore - Chinese-Garden-Weekend


The main benefit of Pokemon GO is that it brings people out onto the streets. What better way than to take a walk in Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden where you get to enjoy the great outdoors and catch tons of cute Pokemon at the same time?

It’s rumoured that there are at least 20 PokeStops and 3 gyms within the area so you can battle with other teams to your heart’s content.

3. Vivo City

Pokemon Go in Singapore - vivocity-weekend

Want a Gyarados for yourself but determined to grow one from scratch? Vivo City is the best place to be at.


With a Magikarp Nest and Magikarp all around the mall (one of our writers was there spamming Pokeballs last weekend), getting 400 Magikarp candies is easy-peasy.

And check out the Dragonair, No Signature crab and Snorlax that’s reportedly spotted in the mall as well.

No Pokemon Go in Singapore adventure is complete without this.

4. Raffles Place

Pokemon Go in Singapore- raffles-weekend

Before Pokemon GO, Raffles Place was only crowded during the weekdays and shops typically open on weekdays only. Now, things might be different.

From the mythical Lapras to the cute Clefairy at ArtScience Museum, the Raffles area (from Raffles Place to The Shoppes at Marina Bay) is teeming with wild Pokemon just waiting to be caught.

5. Tampines – Space circled by Tampines Ave 1, 2, 9 & 10

Pokemon Go in Singapore- tampines-weekend

Easties, this is for you! From Electabuzz to Snorlax and Jigglypuff, there’s plenty for you to catch without even going far from your home!

Chill in the three malls (so legendary even us westies have heard about it) and spam your Pokeballs on Eevees to get all three evolutions.

Still wondering where to play Pokemon Go in Singapore?


6. Canal in front of Pioneer Blk 661B

Pokemon Go in Singapore - pioneer-weekend

Because we’ve got one for easties, there’s no way us westies can lose out, right? Most Pokemon GO players probably dreamt of getting a Dragonite especially after seeing this in gyms.

Image: shanghaiist.com
Image: shanghaiist.com

At this legendary canal opposite Jurong Point, there’s a Dratini nest in the area. It’s said that a nest is awesome because a Dratini will spawn (supposedly) after every 10 minutes.

7. Hougang

Pokemon Go in Singapore - hougang

I’m sure we don’t need to say anything about this mythical place in the northeast. Filled with Pokemon like Gyarados, Snorlax and Cubone, it’s no wonder people in this area are so fanatical about the game.

They’ve even dashed across the road without caring about safety and ignored the Police when they were called down.


8. Vista Park

Pokemon Go in Singapore - Vista

And finally, one for the north of Singapore. Remember how Ghost Pokemon were overpowered in Pokemon back during the Gameboy days?

Check out Vista Park where Snorlax and Gastly were spotted. To make things even better, there’s rumoured to be a Gastly nest in the area as well which means OP Gastly.

Where To Catch Pokemon In Singapore

We hope that this guide has been helpful in your quest to become a pokemon Master. Now that you know the best place in Singapore for pokemon go, you’ll know all the right places as to where to catch pokemon!

**All Images from One Map to Grab Em All by Grab 


Featured Image: One Map to Grab Em All by Grab 

So, there you have it, the best places to play Pokemon Go in Singapore!

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