8 Facts About Liang Xi Mei The Movie, Jack Neo’s CNY 2018 Movie

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No, Jack Neo isn’t paying us to write these articles about his new movie, so you guys can stop asking the same question over and over again (sheesh).

The reason why we’re writing these articles about the Liang Xi Mei movie is simply because most of us here grew up watching Liang Xi Mei and Liang Po Po on TV. (Goody Feed is full of old people mah)

Young ones, trust me when I say that was the golden age of Singaporean TV. These days, I don’t even have a television at home anymore since even my parents aren’t watching them! It’s a real pity though (Sigh).

That being said, here are 8 facts (because huat ah!) you might want to know about Jack Neo’s new movie to keep you on your toes until the movie is released!

1) It Really is for the sake of Nostalgia

Honestly speaking, I am really watching the movie for old time’s sake. I hope it does appeal to the younger generation since our local movie scene can really use all the support it can get!

Speaking of Nostalgia, as if it was an attempt to hint people about Liang Xi Mei’s theatrical appearance, Jack Neo sang the opening song to 搞笑行动 together with Namewee!

Now ain’t that a blast from the past! Certainly makes me hope for Liang Xi Mei and Liang Po Po to appear on screen again!

2) What will the movie be about?

Rather than having me spell it out for you, here’s the Official Trailer for the movie!

For those of you who can’t—or simply don’t wanna use your mobile data, here’s a short synopsis of the movie:

Now that Liang Xi Mei has retired, she is spending her days looking after her grandkids. The movie will be about Liang’s eldest son, Robert, scheming to get rich (as always). And somehow, supernatural beings like God(s) of Fortune will be involved in the film. Robert’s antics causes Liang to pin all hopes on her youngest son, Albert.

Liang’s favouritism makes Robert swear to get Liang’s approval by getting rich.

To find out more, you’ll have to watch the movie for yourselves!

3) When will it be released?

The movie will be released on New Year’s eve, 15 Feb 2018!.For those of you who would love to have a new year filled with laughter and joy, be sure to catch this movie!

Image: Liang Xi Mei facebook


4) How long will the movie be?

I really didn’t know that the length of the movie would be a legit concern. When I jio my fellow “old” colleagues to go watch the movie with me, two of them actually asked about the length of the movie.

Well, it’s 130 minutes long, if you really want to know. That’s  pretty long (about two hours) considering that it’s a local film, but hey, it’s the new year! Stop watching the clock for a moment and enjoy yourselves!

5) Who are the cast members?

Aside from Jack Neo(duh) who will be reprising her role as Liang Xi Mei, you’ll also see Mark Lee as Robert and Henry Thia as Lion King! It’ll just be like the good ol’ days!

Additionally, you’ll also see Wang Lei as Guang Dong Po, Benjamin Tan as Albert (he is also acting as Albert in the Liang Xi Mei series in Channel 8 now), Chua Lee Lian as Mary and more!

Image: Liang Xi Mei Facebook

6) Hey, what about Ah Boys to Men?

Yeah, I know, I know. Fans of the ABTM franchise, fret not! There are still plans to film the next part of the ABTM movie!

Tammy started to see her dead boyfriend after an accident. But did she make him up? Or is there something else? Watch her story that's based on true events here:

Jack Neo’s decision to take a hiatus from the franchise might be a good thing too! You know, there are only so many jokes you can make about the military life!

Image: ah boys to men facebook

…Fine, military jokes are practically endless, and that’s what our 2 years were for, eh?


7) There’s even an MV for the movie!

Surprise, surprise! There’s even a theme song for the movie! While it may not be as catchy as the 搞笑行动 song, it’s still pretty nicely done!

It’s pretty much Liang Xi Mei’s life in a song! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the franchise, this might be a good way for you to get into the show!

8) Local productions

Last but not least, the next few years would appear to be a pretty good period for local productions!

Remember this fella here?


Image: straitstimes.com

(Another blast from the past, eh?)

Mr. Kiasu will be getting his movie too! What’s more, there will also be a local zombie movie named Zombiepura!

Image: Zombiepura Singapore

And Sam Loh, widely known for his work “Siew Lup”, will also be working with the Singapore Film Commission and Vividthree Productions to produce an anthology film of three ghost stories!


Image: SIEW LUP – 烧腊 Movie Facebook

With all these movies waiting for us, who can still say that the local film industry is boring?

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