8 Hacks to Remove Armpit Stains & That Embarrassing Moment


Last Updated on 2020-12-09 , 10:37 am

You find yourself having to buy clothes from time to time not because they wear out but because there are those embarrassing sweat stains. Especially at the armpit areas.

It’s not like you can help it given how Singapore’s so damn hot and humid 90% of the time. Even when it’s raining.

Well, if you, like me, have this embarrassing problem, here are 8 hacks you need to know against sweat stains.

1. Salt

Salt isn’t great for a lot of things, from your health to sweat stains. Dissolve 4 tablespoons in 1 litre of hot water. Sponge the sweat stained area with the solution until it disappears.

2. Meat Tenderiser

Before washing that shirt with yellow sweat stains, dampen the affected area and sprinkle some meat tenderizer onto it. Then put the shirt to wash and be amazed at the results.

3. Lemons

When life gives you lemon, use them to make sweat stain removers. Just scrub your shirt or blouse with a mixture of equal parts water and lemon juice. The stain will disappear like magic.


4. Vinegar

Pour some vinegar onto the sweat stain and gently rubbing it in before throwing the shirt into the washing machine. Then admire the stain-free shirt that comes out. And best of all, it can also be used to remove smells from clothes. Simply pour some vinegar into the detergent compartment.

5. Baking Soda

Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda and one-quarter warm water to create a white paste. gently rub the paste into sweat stains and watch it disappear. If it’s a particularly stubborn stain, leave the paste on for two hours before washing it off.

6. Aspirin

Aspirins are good for more than headaches. Crush two tablets and mix them together with 1/2 cup of warm water. Soak the stained part of your shirt into the solution for two to three hours and wait for the magic to appear.

7. Cold Water

Sometimes, the simplest way might just be enough to solve the problem. Try running stain-prone clothes under cold water and rub the problem areas before throwing it into the washing machine. This will help stains from setting in.

8. Eat Right

Know the right things to eat. Eating excessive salt or ingesting a huge amount of caffeine will cause your body to sweat more which makes it easier for sweat stains to set in. Eat clean and you’ll find your sweat becoming cleaner too.

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