8 Top Tips For Shopping On Qoo10 To Get Your Money’s Worth


You’ve heard of sites like eBay and Amazon, but have you heard of the Singapore version of them?

Qoo10 has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its fuss-free and convenient e-commerce interface, allowing just about anyone to purchase almost anything that they want.

If you’re a Singaporean and you haven’t used the site before, you sure are missing out on a lot of things. Here are 8 tips to get you started on using Qoo10!

1. Check out other websites first

Okay, admittedly this doesn’t sound like a very optimistic tip, but it’s usually the golden rule when it comes to purchasing things online.

The products on Qoo10 are brand new, so if you don’t mind getting something second-hand, do check out other websites like Carousell first to see if there’s another option going for slightly cheaper.

But if not, there are also lots of ridiculously affordable stuff here that you probably won’t think twice about before buying.

2. Read the reviews

This should go without saying, but how many of us latch onto a good deal and immediately order it before bothering to check the reviews?

Qoo10 allows for customers to post feedback and sometimes attach a photo to it so that others will know what they’re actually going to get.

Be sure to check out the reviews before you go ahead and purchase something so that you won’t be short-changed or buy something that you regret! If the reviews are mostly negative, then don’t waste your time.

An important things to look out for in the review section is the time taken to receive the item because if you want it urgently then you probably wouldn’t want to buy from a seller that takes weeks to dispatch the item!

3. Look at a couple of different listings

Unsurprisingly, there are many many different sellers on Qoo10 selling the same thing at slightly different prices.

This makes it a little difficult to find the one that offers the best price, but it is important to check out a couple of different listings if you die die want to save money.

Some shops might be having a sale and thus offer the item at a slightly lower price, or some offer free shipping whereas you might have to pay a couple of bucks for postage from another seller.

All these little things add up and although it might be tempting to just grab the first decent deal you see, chances are you might find an even better one elsewhere, as long as you have a little patience!

4. Leave a review for stamps

Image: qoo10.sg
Image: qoo10.sg

After you’ve made a purchase above $3, you can leave a review and get 1 Qstamp, or include a photo and get 2.

These Qstamps can be exchanged for discounts and rewards after you’ve accumulated enough, so don’t underestimate the power of leaving reviews!


You’re also helping future buyers improve their shopping experience by allowing them to see feedback on the products they’re getting.


5. Check in frequently to win a prize

Every day, you can ‘check-in’ your attendance on qoo10 and spin the Roulette Q, which gives you a pretty high chance of winning something.

As you accumulate your monthly attendance, you are guaranteed points that can be saved up for discounts!

So remember to take one minute a day to log your attendance, spin the roulette and get coupons and points!

Image: qoo10.sg
Image: qoo10.sg

6. Look out for hidden costs

Unfortunately, if you see a deal that looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Before you go crazy over a cute dress that you see for $5, brace yourself for the hidden costs that often lurk around on Qoo10.

Although the seller lists a certain price on the front page, they often add on to it when you go to select the item, which results in an item possibly being much more expensive than you expected.

For example, the items below were advertised at $6.90, which sounds super reasonable for clothing, but when you go to select the product that you want, you’re hit with extra charges.

This is an inevitable result that comes with Qoo10 but don’t worry, because sometimes the final price isn’t really that high, or if you’re lucky, some sellers might not have these hidden costs. Just keep a careful lookout!

7. Scroll through the sale page

Qoo10 constantly has sales ongoing, every day without fail. They have Time Sales, which run for a few hours, and Daily Deals, which last a whole day.


There are always a lot of items on sale so take your time to scroll through and see if anything catches your eye.

There might of course be hidden costs that come with some of them, but you still have a pretty good chance of finding yourself a really good deal!

Don’t forget to give yourself a high five when you save your bank account lots of money.

8. Refine your searches

With the sheer amount of stuff sold on Qoo10 and the endless options you’re given, sometimes it might be difficult to find exactly what you want, or something within your budget.

Many people don’t usually use the refine search function, which is quite surprising because they can help a lot in narrowing down all the results until you find the product you’re looking for.


You can choose to display searches according to category, budget, and even if they offer free shipping, which is certainly efficient. Don’t neglect it, okay!

Featured Image: qoo10.sg

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