8 Facts About the $12m Hong Bao Draw That’s Drawn on 2 Mar 18


A $12 million Hong Bao Draw is coming your way on Friday, 2 March 2018, 9.30pm.

This year’s draw will be at Singapore Pools Building and we will be welcoming 狗年, the year of the dog with $12 million in our pockets.

Well, not mine because I’m not buying any TOTO but good luck to those you’ve bought or are planning to.

Here are 8 facts about the $12 million Hong Bao Draw that’s less than a month away!

1. $228 pack open for reservation

At the time of writing (8 February), the $228 pack has started its reservation and will end on 26 February, 12pm. Here’s the breakdown of what you’re in for:

  • 10 TOTO tickets* X 3 boards of Quick Pick System 7 (worth $210)
  • 6 Singapore Sweep tickets for draw on 03/2018 (worth $18)

*1 ticket each from selected outlets:

Laura Gifts, NTUC FairPrice (Sun Plaza, Serangoon Central Hypermart & Serangoon North), Singapore Pools (Hougang N3 Branch, Clementi N3 Branch, Jurong West N2 Branch & Holland Drive Branch), Tong Aik Huat and Delisia Agency Pte Ltd.

The addresses are here if you need some reference:

Image: ms.singaporepools.com
You can reserve your packs online here. Payment can be done via cash or NETS on the day of collection. Just note that a transaction fee of $0.20 will apply for NETS payment.

2. $228 pack collection details

There are 2 available dates for collection of your $228 pack if you’ve reserved it online. Go either on:
Wednesday, 28 February (8.30AM – 8.00PM)
Thursday, 1 March (8.30AM – 8.00PM)
And there are 20 locations which you can pick up from; just indicate it on your reservation form. Here’s the list:
Image: ms.singaporepools.com
Just in case you’re unable to make it for the collection, you can ask a family or friend to help you out with that. Just remember to print and complete this authorization form before they make their way to the collection points.

3. Other options – No. 1

If you think $228 is too much to spend on TOTO, then you might want to consider the $10 pack.
Here’s what the $10 pack entitles you to:
  • 1 TOTO ticket X 1 board of Quick Pick System 7 (worth $7)
  • 1 Singapore Sweep ticket for Draw 03/2018 (worth $3)

Still got chance lah hor.

4. Other options – No. 2

Or you think $10 is too little, then get the $20 pack, which includes:

  • 1 TOTO ticket X 2 boards of Quick Pick System 7 (worth $14)
  • 1 TOTO ticket X 3 boards of Quick Pick Ordinary (worth $3)
  • 1 Singapore Sweep ticket for Draw 03/2018 (worth $3)

Both $10 and $20 pack will be made available from Monday, 26 February, 6.10 p.m. to Friday, 2 March, 9:00 p.m.

5.  Prize pot was higher in 2016

Did you know that the Hong Bao Draw was much higher in 2016? Instead of $12 million, it was a whopping amount of $13.9 million.

2017’s prize pot is the same as this year’s. Nothing to celebrate but hey, it’s still money we’re talking about. Better than the $10 million in 2014.

6. Common numbers

This might be important information for many of us: the common numbers that have appeared in the draws.

Open your eyes. Here we go for the top 6 numbers:

  • 21 (60 times)*
  • 8 (56 times)
  • 19 (56 times)
  • 11 (54 times)
  • 31 (54 times)
  • 6 (53 times)

And the 7th additional number:

  • 21 (52 times)*
  • 11 (49 times)
  • 19 (49 times)
  • 8 (48 times)
  • 5 (47 times)
  • 40 (46 times)

*For your information, 21 was the 7th winning number (additional number) in 2017’s Hong Bao Draw so… it might work again this year.

The next 2 points aren’t really facts pertaining to the $12 million Hong Bao Draw but to aid you in being one of the lucky winners, we have these this year:

7. Outlets’ extended hours

To give you a chance to be part of this lucky draw, Singapore Pools has kindly extended its operating hours for the following:

Image: ms.singaporepools.com

8. Phone betting’s extended hours

I honestly have no idea why people would wake up at 6.30 a.m. to do this. Please pardon the ignorant me but is there an auspicious timing of some sort?
Image: ms.singaporepools.com

And before you go, let’s look at yesteryear’s Hong Bao Draw results so maybe we can learn a lesson or two.

The winning numbers were 07, 29, 02, 27, 24 and 34, with an additional number 21 in 2017.


The winning tickets were sold at the following outlets:

  • Block 11A, Boon Tiong Road, via a QuickPick System Roll Entry
  • Singapore Pools Hougang N3 Branch at Block 322, Hougang Avenue 5, 01-70 via a QuickPick System 7 Entry
  • Singapore Pools, B1-143, Suntec City Mall, via a QuickPick System 7 Entry
  • NTUC FairPrice Serangoon Central Hypermart at 23, Serangoon Central, 03-42, Nex via a QuickPick Ordinary Entry.

And the exact final amount for the draw was $12,001,648.

All of us at Goody Feed wishes you 新年快乐, 心想事成, 财源广进! (Translation: It’s all the good stuff. Heh.)


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