SG YouTuber ‘Gives’ 4D Number in a Video; 3 Days Later, It Really Came Out

Have you ever written something on a piece of paper, half-hoping that it will become true?

Well, I did.

To date, I’m still waiting for Jessica Alba to turn up on my doorstep, a million bucks to appear beneath my pillow and an entire mansion to sprout out from the confines of my bedroom. But seeing how ten years have passed and I’m still single, broke and cramped, I have all but given up.

Until I saw… this.

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*Bell rings*

Oh crap, is that… Jessica Alba…?

Reel life to Reality

On 1st Feb 2018, Caishen “The God Of Fortune” web series was released on Youtube.

Which wouldn’t exactly have been headline-worthy news, had something unbelievable not happened.

So apparently, episode 4 of the web series featured a scene whereby The Caishen‘s grand niece asks him for lottery numbers.

Image: Merelion Pictures Youtube

Instead of telling her, he scolds his niece for involving her own daughter in gambling activities.

Image: Merelion Pictures Youtube

He goes on to preach, “No one should teach someone so…”

Image: Merelion Pictures Youtube

Which the mother-and-daughter pair swiftly interprets as the number, 1111.

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Three days later, the results for 4 Feb’s 4D draw were revealed, and the results were shocking to say the least.


What was originally written as a plot device in a web series, actually came to life!

Image: Know Your Meme

You can watch the whole ‘conspiracy theory’ here:

Caishen "God of Fortune" web series caused actual Huatness!

Oh my Huat! (O.M.H)

Posted by Caishen the Web Series on Sunday, 4 February 2018

So what does it mean for us?

Well, for one, don’t crumple up that piece of paper just yet. You never know whether it’s the next winning number.

For two, it’s time to start scribbling random numbers on your office post-it notes.

You might just get lucky. Who knows?

Meanwhile, you can watch where it all began, down below:

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