2 Elderly Men Arrested After 8-Hour Stand-Off With the Police in a Redhill HDB Flat


Two men, aged 59 and 62, were arrested after an eight-hour stand-off with the police in a Redhill HDB flat. They were arrested for criminal trespass and suspected drug-related offences.

Here’s what happened.

Men Locked Themselves in HDB Flat

On 3 May, the police received a call for help at 11:35am, at Block 89 Redhill Close.

When the police arrived, the men had locked themselves in a HDB flat. Shin Min Daily News reported that the flat was located on the fourth floor.

BTW, a similar situation happened in March, when two men locked themselves in a HDB flat with their mother to avoid the police. At least no elderly parents were involved this time. 

Officers from the Crisis Negotiation Unit, Special Operations Command and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were then deployed to the scene.

According to interviews by The Straits Times, many neighbours heard the police knocking on the flat’s door and asking the men to come out.


This lasted for several hours until 6pm, when SCDF received a call for help at the same block. They then deployed two safety life air packs to cushion a fall.

As a precaution, rescuers from the Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team were also put on standby.

The police eventually gained access to the flat and arrested the men at about 7pm, which meant that the stand-off lasted eight hours. They did not have to force their entry into the flat.

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Men Did Not Live in Flat 

After locking themselves in a flat for eight hours, one would think that the two men lived there.


But it turns out that the two men who were arrested do not live in the flat.

According to The Straits Times, the neighbours said that a man moved into the unit last year. The flat is usually very quiet, and the last time the neighbours saw the man was before 1 May.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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