9 Hanger Hacks That’ll Magically Make Your Wardrobe 3X Bigger

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Ever felt that you need a walk-in wardrobe to store all your clothes?

Well, there are some hacks that save a huge amount of space in the existing wardrobe so you don’t have to buy another wardrobe or clothes rack.

Canned Drinks’ Tabs

Image: The Shabby Creek Cottage
Image: The Shabby Creek Cottage

What do you usually do after you’ve finished your canned drinks? Throw them away or pass them to the aunties/uncles collecting them, right? Next time, don’t do that just yet! Snap off the tab of the drink so that you can stack them up and hang more clothes as this method saves a lot of space.

Chains/S hooks

Image: home-dzine.co.za
Image: home-dzine.co.za

If you’re not a fan of canned drinks, chains and S hooks work just as well to substitute the canned drinks tabs for the hack above. And you can have as many as you want!

Shower Curtain Rings

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

If you are a huge fan of scarfs or tank tops, organise them neatly on a hanger with shower curtain rings. This is a hassle-free hack which helps you to not only save space but lets you find the scarf you’re looking for easily!

Hang multiple clothes on one hanger

Image: Dornob
Image: Dornob

It’s basically overlaying multiple clothes onto one hanger. This way you can overlay similar clothes such as basic tops and T-shirts.

Use wire hangers instead of wood/plastics ones

Image: Banasch's
Image: Banasch’s

Wire hangers are thin compared to those plastic ones. When you have a wardrobe full of wire hangers instead of wood/plastic hangers you’ll notice that you can squeeze in more clothes! And of course, these wire ones are way cheaper.

Sort out those you’ve not worn for awhile

Image: Debbie Roes
Image: Debbie Roes

This is extremely useful for those who always complain they have no clothes to wear but their wardrobe is packed with clothes. Position all the hangers facing outwards. This way, after a few months, look for those clothes which the hanger’s position has not changed at all and get rid of them since you’re probably not gonna wear them again.

Don’t put empty hangers in your closet

Image: theidleman.com
Image: theidleman.com

For some of us, we tend to just grab the clothes off the hanger and leave the empty hanger in the wardrobe. Well, don’t. This not only takes up space in the closet but also you’ll find that you have no available hangers around to hang your clothes the next time you do your laundry.


Hang towels/scarfs inside clothes

If you have extra towels in your wardrobe, hang them between clothes which are hung towards the end of the wardrobe. This way you have easy access to them when you need them in the future. And you can save more space!

Hang tank tops/singlets

Image: ideadigezt.com
Image: ideadigezt.com

If you have a large number of tank tops/singlets in your wardrobe, why not hang them all together on a hanger? Just combine the hack where you overlap your tank tops/singlet and use a canned drink tab/chains to hang them up in your wardrobe!