8 Wedding Proposals That Went So Wrong, They Became Laughable


Last Updated on 2020-02-23 , 8:18 am

When you finally pluck up the courage to propose, you think about the grandest idea in your head, making it seem like the most romantic and perfect proposal one can ever think of.

However, when you actually propose, things just happen and the worst proposal happened. Hard to believe? Let’s take a look at the top eight most epic wedding proposals that went wrong. Very wrong.

Unsentimental campus security guard

Image: shanghaiist.com

Creating a heart shape using candle lights at night seems really romantic. When you are finally done preparing and know what to say, you then realise the campus’s security guard has zero concern about what you are going to do and extinguished all the candle lights. Proposal first, safe always.

Parachute proposal

Image: shanghaiist.com

This man from Hubei planned to parachute down from the sky suavely in front of her, before dropping to one knee and asking her to be his forever. However, he simply got caught in the tree and there goes his proposal. He didn’t even drop to the ground.

Pomelo love

Image: shanghaiist.com

This university student created a mega heart shape with 999 pomelos, wanting to confess his love. Unfortunately, he got rejected and the crowd left with all the fruits. Here’s exactly what happened if you want to read his sad story.

Dying love

Image: shanghaiist.com

In November, this young man proposed to the girl not with a bouquet of roses but a flower wreath that is meant for a funeral. Just as everyone expected, he got rejected by the girl. Read the story of his undying dying love here.

Rubic cube

Image source: shanghaiist.com

Okay, this is actually pretty sad. This young man spent many nights working out the rubic cube in order to create a giant portrait of the girl. Sadly, the girl did not accept her. Why, girl, WHY!?

Ukelele gone wrong

Image: youtube.com

In Dubai, a man asked for a lady’s hand in marriage by picking up a microphone from a group of street musicians. As the lady got a little uncomfortable with the crowd watching, she grabbed a ukelele from one of the musicians and knocked the man over with it.

Staged or real? At least we know you shouldn’t really declare your love unless you’re very confident of a “yes”.

Ring in a milkshake

No image for this, but you can more or less imagine what happened: When Reed Harris decided to commit to his girlfriend Kaitlin Whipple, he thought the best place to propose would be at Wendy’s restaurant.So after class, the couple and some friends went out to eat and Reed sneaked an engagement ring into a milkshake. The proposal never came at the dinner table because Kaitlin swallowed the ring by accident.


There goes the balloon

Image: youtube.com

A man dressed as a brown bear hands his girlfriend a bunch of balloons with a ring attached to the string. As he gets down on one knee, she lets go of the balloon and their future together. And of course, the ring that could have costed thousands.

It seems like it is not so easy to propose to your loved since we never know how they will react or what will actually go wrong.