A Popular Rapper is Raising Funds to Prove That The Earth is…Flat?

For quite some time, people used to believe that the Earth was flat.

If you walk too far hor, they say that you will fall off into space! (HAHAHA)

Then came NASA’s confirmation that the Earth is round. There’s so much proof from them to support it too, you know.

But still, there’s a bunch of people who don’t believe it. In their opinion, they believe it’s a conspiracy by NASA. These people call themselves the Flat Earthers. They say the Antartica is way too tiny lah, and that the pictures taken from rockets, drones and a bunch of other amateur footage show a linear horizon, not one that’s got a curve.

One rapper’s taking the case all the way to space – B.o.B. Read on to see what he’s been up to recently!

Image: Lord Lav

A GoFundMe Page – Show BoB the Curve

Yep, this is the same guy who’s been famous for the hit Aeroplanes a couple of year back. Now, he’s making a different kind of wave in the news.

The purpose of him initiating the GoFundMe page is to gain money and moral support from people to prove the Earth is flat.

No, I’m serious. Not kidding here. Stop laughing lah.

BoB’s been voicing his concerns on the Twitterverse all this while, and now he’s looking for money to substantiate his claims. Mr Bobby Ray (his real name) wants to send satellites into space to show to the world that the world is utterly and truly flat.

I guess he feels that the thousands of other satellites we already have in the space cannot be trusted. His price tag to complete his mission? US$1 million only lar.

And he has so far just garnered about $2.2K.

Wait, there are people who actually supported his theory?

The guy even got into a war of words with famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson last January. Things didn’t go down well, with Neil disputing BoB’s claim on the Earth’s curve across Manhattan.

Image: DAC Group

Other Crazy Flat Earther Facts and Theories

A certain Thomas Winship once said that the Earth being flat can be proved simply by a kite’s ability to fly. Winship also says that as clouds ought to speed away from us, wouldn’t this also serve as yet another indication of the Earth being a horizontal feature?

Thankfully, there are no crazy Terry Pratchett theories online similar to the author’s Discworld series – that the planet lives its life on top of a huge turtle.

Image: 9news

While BoB is the one that’s most talked about Flat Earther’s today, he’s not the only celebrity. George Bernard Shaw’s an Irish playwright who believes in the fact that the Earth is as flat as a piece of paper. Another name that has to be on this list is Tila Tequila. Don’t know her? She got banned on Twitter sometime back for posting a pick while she did the Nazi salute with two male buddies. She was also part of the Celebrity Big Brother’s list.

So, who do you want to believe now? NASA or the Flat Earthers?

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