Aaron Kwok is Another Jay Chou As He Doesn’t Want His Wife to Suffer

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The name Jay Chou needs no introduction.

He is but one of the most influential Mandarin-pop artiste alive and is also known to be a doting husband and father.

He was rumoured to have forked out NT$2.2 million (S$96,800) a month, during Hannah Quinlivan’s post-pregnancy period to ensure that she received the best care postpartum in absolute privacy.

He rented the whole 6th floor of the luxurious Ma Cherie Post Partum Center at Jinsan South Road, a Taipei Confinement Hotel near his house.

Talk about an overkill.

For our less-juniorly readers though, there was one super-husband Kwok in the making before the current super-husband Chou.

He is Aaron Kwok of Para Para Sakura fame, and 1/4 of the famed “Four Heavenly Kings” of Hong Kong.

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Birthing An Arduous Experience For Kwok’s Wife, Moka Fang

If you don’t know, Kwok, now 51,  is wedded to Moka Fang, a 31-year-old model who has just given birth to their second child.


She had given birth to their second daughter in April 2019 and had given Kwok their first daughter, Chantelle, back in 2017.

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In this picture uploaded onto Moka’s Instagram on 24 May, her svelte figure belies the fact that this was taken just 1 month after her second delivery, and more specifically, difficult childbirth to boot.

Speaking with reporters at the “Enough Plastic”, a pro-recycling event in Hong Kong, Kwok shared that he did not want his wife to go through another childbirth after witnessing the pain that she had to go through with their two daughters.

Kwok spoke candidly about how he had helped cut her daughters’ umbilical cords twice and added that Moka’s two deliveries were all natural birth, both of which were hard and long processes.

The Other Pains of Parenting

But one does not simply expect parenting to be without its pains.

The couple is now facing a conundrum over what to name their second daughter, Charlotte.

Wait, what?

Yes, while they have decided to name their second daughter Charlotte, to go along with sister Chantelle, it appears they are still in a pickle over Charlotte’s Chinese name.

On top of that, Chantelle has apparently been feeling some jealousy over sister Charlotte’s presence.

To that end, Kwok has repeatedly tried to assuage her fears by reminding her that she still certainly has dad’s affections.

Fatherhood and Marriage, A Long Time Coming

It wasn’t too long ago that Kwok was known to be a playboy.

In 2017, 8 Days ran an article documenting the ladies whom he had (reportedly) dated before finally settling down with Moka.

Those days though, now seem like a distant memory.

From playboy to now- a man busying himself with child’s play-, Kwok’s transformation seems to be a shining example to follow.

An example none too often lost in the camera flashlights and glitter of the showbiz industry.



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