Actor IG Emo Image of ‘Suicide’ & Got Backlashed for Obvious Reasons

It has been about a week since the lead singer of SHINee, Kim Jong Hyun passed away due to a cardiac arrest from carbon monoxide poisoning.

K-pop fans all over the world were filled with grief, from alleged suicide cases to a memorial of sorts right here in Singapore.

Suicide has always been a taboo topic, but now with Kim Jong Hyun’s demise, one would think twice to throw the term “I want to kill myself” lightly.

What happened

So you can imagine how netizens would have felt when Taiwanese actor Kai Ko posted a cryptic picture of a lipstick mark which has since been deleted.


The caption read: “Will anybody care if I’m dead?”

There were more reasons to why Netizens thought he was foreshadowing his suicidal thoughts.

On the day of Kim Jong Hyun’s passing, he posted an expressionless selfie which read “goodbye” and he had deleted more than half of his Instagram posts taken this year.

So you can understand why his followers were riddled with paranoia, speculating that he wanted to end his life.

But he managed to quell all doubts by apologizing to his fans, affirming that “it was just a temporary feeling” and that “life is good”

I decided to check his Instagram account, but as of writing time, there are no posts at all, essentially wiping out his presence on Instagram.



There could be many reasons as to why he decided to clear all his posts.
According to Toggle, he has taken fewer acting projects after being arrested for marijuana use in 2014.

Furthermore, his fans felt that the three-year delayed released of his movie, A Choo, and his recent split from his girlfriend, actress Tia Li, could be contributing factors to his sorrow.

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Let’s just hope it is all speculation and nothing more.

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