Jay Chou Celebrated His Wedding Anniversary By Just Walking on the Street. Lucky Husband Lah

After binge watching endless soapy, emotional dramas of love-stricken couples, I have come to realise one thing:

Ladies expect guys to remember dates. And may Mario’s sweet moustache bless you if you don’t.

And that’s not even all.

Ladies also expect something special on those dates, particularly wedding/dating anniversaries.

If you don’t?

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However, it seems that not every man has to go through such a torrid hellhole.

Or at least, Jay Chou certainly doesn’t seem to.

What happened?

Taiwanese celebrity couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary on Sunday (24 Dec).

(Which was of course great news, seeing how there are some couples that split a day into their marriage. We could all appreciate more couples that break the trend.)

Now, I’m sure you need no introduction to the couple’s power and affluence. Jay routinely hosts sold-out concerts, while his wife’s an actress who has starred alongside the Rock.

As a result, you would somewhat expect the couple to at least spend the day in a pretty extravagant manner. Maybe not something like renting out the whole White House for a good ol’ party, but… you get the idea.

However, Jay turned his back on all rich boy norms, when he revealed on his Instagram feed the true events that unfolded on that day.

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Image: jaychou Instagram
Image: jaychou Instagram

(Translation: Happy wedding anniversary, @hannah_quinlivan.

Happy Christmas to everyone too!)

That’s right; the Mandopop figure, who has graced the pedestal of Hollywood, took his wife out for a walk on their second wedding anniversary.

Image: Imgflip
Image: Imgflip


However, his wife certainly doesn’t seem to be kicking him off the bed anytime soon.

Just look at that smile on her face!

Image: Jay Chou Instagram

Although of course, she might have been faking it for the cam. She would certainly be more than capable of pulling it off, seeing how she’s an actress and all.

But we’re betting that it’s genuine.

Lucky husband lah!

So there you have it guys.

Jay Chou, the king of Mandopop, has done the impossible:

He has appeased his wife with naught but a stroll on their wedding anniversary.

Unbelievable stuff, but then Jay Chou has always been unbelievable.

Learn from him, guys, because I’ll surely learn from him.

King of Mandopop, here I come!

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