There Was Actually a Minor ‘Glitch’ in S’pore Pools Website After Toto Results


Imagine this scenario:

You applied for the job that you always wanted. They called you in for an interview, and you felt that there was hope because very few people get called in.

But just when you reached the company, the boss tells you that they have made a mistake and the email wasn’t meant for you.

How would you feel?

Sucky, that’s for sure.

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But you’re not alone.

The Toto New Year Draw on Friday (Jan 5) boasted a whopping $9.7 million.

Many eyed on the life-changing amount and were anxious when the results were announced.


However, no jackpot winner emerged.

The winning numbers announced were: 03, 04, 13, 19, 23, 47, with an additional number of 05.

According to Channel NewsAsia, Singapore Pools then said on its website that the sum will be “snowballed to the next draw”, which basically means that the prize will be bigger in the next round.

The $9.7 million was also snowballed from 3 preceding draws which had resulted in no top prize winners as well, according to Straits Times.

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Many were excited about the next draw.

But things got ugly when Singapore Pools claimed that the announcement was an error.

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It later updated the notice to: “Group 1 has no winner, and the prize amount of S$12,279,983 has been cascaded to Group 2.”

The prize money will be divided among 19 Group 2 winners, each bringing home $729,761.

A Singapore Pools spokesperson explained that there was a “brief technical glitch which was rectified quickly.”

Many reports were made based on the first notice, which caused many confusions when the second notice was released.

One of the most highly anticipated events of the new year turned into disappointment (at least not for that 19 lucky people).

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