Addy Lee Suddenly Revealed That He Has Left Mdada Due to Poor Health


Addy Lee, a celebrity hairstylist turned livestreamer, has suddenly announced his departure from Mdada, the company he founded, citing poor health as the reason.

In an Instagram post on April Fool’s Day, Lee revealed that he left the company on 17 March 2023 due to his ongoing health issues, which he had been sharing on social media since February.

This news follows the departure of another co-founder and celebrity, Pornsak, earlier this year.

Addy Lee Suddenly Revealed That He Has Left Mdada Due to Poor Health

In February, Lee underwent surgery for a cervical fracture or dislocation, and has been documenting his recovery journey on Instagram since.

On 10 March, he announced another surgery without revealing the objective.

Later, he also mentioned that he had been to the hospital four times in a month and underwent three surgeries. He expressed his fatigue and revealed that his mother had advised him to not work too hard.

Finally, today, he announced that he has left Mdada.

He reflected on his time as a founder of Mdada, highlighting how the company had grown since its inception in his house to its current state.

However, he admitted that the past four months had taken a toll on his health, and his doctors advised him to rest more. Despite this, he continued to work to avoid disappointing anyone.

Lee’s recent surgery has forced him to make the painful decision to leave Mdada, as his doctors have warned him that his body may not be able to take any more stress.

Lee has not responded to media inquiries, and there has not been any official update from Mdada.

Michelle Chia, the last co-founder of Mdada who is still with the company, has not responded publicly to Lee’s departure, too.

About Mdada

Founded in September 2020 by Pornsak Prajakwit, Michelle Chia, and Addy Lee, Mdada claims to be the fastest-growing and one of the largest e-commerce multi-channel live-streaming companies in Singapore, serving Southeast Asia.

According to their website, the company’s goal is to become the largest live-stream commerce platform in ASEAN.

Mdada made headlines when it earned an impressive $3 million in sales within just two months of its launch, setting a new record.

Early last year, some customers complained that the company has delayed the shipment of purchased items and refunds, which Addy attributed to COVID-19.


In January this year, co-founder Pornsak announced that he has left the company last year due to a “generation gap”, which led to a pointed response from Mdada, which accused Pornsak of making a false statement.