Michelle Chia & Addy Lee “Disappointed” at Pornsak’s Sudden Announcement of Leaving Mdada


Since he departed from Mdada, Pornsak has received much attention from fans, other media personalities, and haters. 

Notice how I didn’t mention his co-founders, Michelle Chia and Addy Lee. That’s because they didn’t respond. 

That is, until now. 

Michelle Chia & Addy Lee “Disappointed” at Pornsak’s Sudden Announcement of Leaving Mdada

On Thursday (5 January), Mdada released a statement on Instagram detailing their response to Pornsak’s Instagram post and AsiaOne’s article about his leave. 

To contextualise, AsiaOne broke the news of his leave from the e-commerce company and announced that he left the company due to disagreements with the other two co-founders. 

Now, Mdada can’t keep mum any longer.

In the company’s statement, they announced they were “surprised by the statements made by or attributed to Pornsak.”

Apparently, when Pornsak put in his resignation letter, his attitude was completely different from when he spoke to AsiaOne.

“In his resignation letter sent to Mdada, Pornsak did not state any of the matters he has now raised.” 

In other words, Michelle and Addy weren’t aware of their alleged disagreements with Pornsak. 

They clarified that Pornsak left with an optimistic and grateful attitude, contrary to how AsiaOne portrayed it. 

“He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity given to him in Mdada,” they wrote.

According to Pornsak, they were often conflicted due to an age gap between him and the other two team members, and thus he left. 

In response to this, Mdada raised that they were “unclear (as to) what ‘generation gap’ Pornsak (referred) to.” To be clear, Pornsak will be 41 this year, and Michelle and Addy will be 47 and 51, respectively. 

What generation gap?!

On the minor age difference, they highlighted that Pornsak would know about this issue even before he started the company with Michelle and Addy.


Moving on, they addressed how Pornsak implied Mdada was “untrustworthy with customers’ purchases or orders.”

Deeming the suggestions “wholly untrue and baseless,” they pinned the operation responsibilities on Pornsak. In other words, even if there were delays in shipping or any other inconveniences, the fault would lie on Pornsak.

Next, the company said they were “deeply disappointed” at their ex-CEO and director for releasing the issue to the public instead of attempting to settle it internally. 

According to them, it has “affected Mdada’s reputation and value” and “hurt Michelle, Addy and all employees of Mdada.”

It’s safe to say they aren’t happy about the episode.  


What’s ironic is Pornsak told AsiaOne that he’s still supposedly on good terms with them. 

Well, looks like that’s another lie. 

Using the incident as a lesson, Mdada reminded their current and past employees of their “obligation under their contracts of employment.

“In particular, employees have a legal obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information relating to the business of Mdada.”

Last but not least, they spoke on self-improvement to better serve their customers.

“Mdada is admittedly still learning,” they wrote.


“We cannot profess to be perfect at what we do, but what we can assure our customers and fans is that we will always strive to improve, not just in our product offerings but in our various processes.”

Here is their complete statement on Instagram, which includes a version in Mandarin:

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Pornsak Suddenly Left Live Streaming Company That He Started With Addy Lee & Michelle Chia

On 2 January, award-winning TV personality Pornsak Prajakwit took to Instagram to abruptly announce his departure from the Mdada team. 

He was one of the three founding celebrities of the only e-commerce multi-channel live-streaming company in Southeast Asia in September 2020. He is now saying goodbye to his project. 


“I have left Mdada,” he wrote. 

Moving on, he wistfully shared his experiences in the company over the past 2.5 years. 

In the post, he did not mention why he chose to leave the e-commerce service company. 

Ending off, he mentioned his aspirations for the coming year. Continuing as a live streamer, he wants to be one with “a personal touch” and an entertainer that people can trust. 

Also, he aims to “hone (his) skills as a TCM doctor and continue spreading joy through his hosting gigs.

Here’s what he posted:

Despite the sudden leave, we wish Pornsak the best in his endeavours.


More About Mdada

Mdada is the only e-commerce multi-channel live-streaming company in Southeast Asia.

Founded in September 2020 by Pornsak Prajakwit, Michelle Chia, and Addy Lee, the company is the fastest-growing and one of the largest live stream commerce companies in Singapore.

When it first launched, it shattered records by raking in $3 million in sales in just two months.

As written on their website, they aim to be the largest live-stream commerce platform in ASEAN.

Now, without Pornsak, we’re all uncertain whether the company will do as well.

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Featured Image: Instagram (Mdada) + Mdada Live