Admit This: 10 Things We All Do IMMEDIATELY Once We Reach Office


Last Updated on 2018-02-16 , 7:06 pm

Do you start your work immediately when you reach the office? Ah, come on, be honest to yourself. Do you really spend the first ten minutes working, or doing something else?

Because these are the things that many of us do in the office; especially here in Goody Feed.

Find your superior
You reach the office on time and greet the superior. That way, your superior will know that you are on time and have a good impression of you. But of course, that’s if you reach the office on time. If not…then the SOP is to siam the superior ASAP.

Eat your breakfast
Yes, eat. You dig out a sandwich from your bag and start eating your breakfast. To reach the office on time, you may have to skip your breakfast in the morning. Worse still, there are people who go downstairs to buy breakfast immediately after they have greeted the boss.

Just visit our office in the morning, and you’ll smell fried noodles, McDonald’s and sometimes, KFC #seriously

Prepare your coffee or tea
You go to the pantry to make a cup of coffee or tea…only to realize there’s a queue.

Going to the toilet for big business
Self-explanatory, isn’t it? Also, that’s when you check your Facebook and Instagram feed, and most importantly, your emails.

Maybe not all, but some ladies do not even have the time to complete their makeup before coming to work. Thus, they come to the office with half-done faces and rush to the toilet once they reach the office to get the other half done.

Chit chat
Whether it is the latest celebrity gossip or gossip about someone at work, you simply have information you urgently want to share with your colleagues. Morning greetings are just so yesterday.

Plan what to eat for lunch
Food becomes your motivation. You plan what you want to eat for lunch so that it serves as a motivation for you to pull through the morning. The first meeting here every day is to decide on the coffee shop, then the food–unless it’s Friday, when we call for food delivery!

Log in to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with our laptops
You logged out every evening to ensure that no one could access them. You log in every morning because they’re your life.

Countdown to 5:30 p.m.
It demoralizes you, but at least you know it’s just eight more hours. And soon, it’s seven hours, fifty-nine minutes. Yahoo!

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