After watching The Conjuring 2, a S’porean couple experienced this spooky encounter

It’s common to have nightmares after watching a horror film, but how about having a real ghostly encounter instead?

A Facebook user, Damian Ng Yih Leong, related his spooky encounter after watching The Conjuring 2 that has since got viral.

On 10 June 2016, the second day screening of The Conjuring 2, Singaporean couple Damian Ng and his wife or girlfriend, Lorde, went back to their hotel in Sarawak after watching the horror movie. It was then 2:30 a.m.

Lorde then spotted a cross drawn on the mirror when she was brushing her teeth and thought that her husband had played a prank—but it turned out that, that wasn’t the case. In fact, the cross, according to Damian, was “fresh” with “water creeping down on one side of the cross”.

The couple immediately requested for a change of room and the hotel obliged. The next morning, when they went back to the old room to collect their belongings (I would presume that they changed the room hastily earlier on), the cross was creepily gone.

His account of the event has since been shared more than 2,500 times.

If you’ve not watched The Conjuring 2, here’re some facts that might make this encounter even spookier: the movie is based upon a real story that occurred in 1977. Back then, a council house in England (it means public housing—like an HDB flat in Singapore) was believed to be haunted as there were many third parties, including a cop, witnessing paranormal activities within the premises, such as Lego bricks flying by themselves or chairs moving by themselves.

Known to many as the Enfield Poltergeist, it has since been established as one of the paranormal activities that attracted the most press coverage, with even a documentary relating the incident and also it being adapted into a television series in 2015.

With the subject matters being so sensitive, the film makers of The Conjuring 2 took extra precautions by calling in a priest to bless the set before filming. According to Patrick Wilson, the main actor in the movie, there were still unexplained occurrences during filming. He was reported telling WENN, an entertainment news outlet, this: “It was a huge curtain that went from the floor to the ceiling, which was just sort of waving violently and there was no door open or no fan on; no nothing… One of the painters goes behind it and couldn’t figure out where the movement was coming from. It went on for like, a minute.”

Up until today, the lady who was “possessed” by the spirit that haunted the house back in 1977, Janet Hodgson, still maintained her position of the paranormal activities she experienced.

Here’s why this encounter by Damian Ng is extremely spooky: in The Conjuring 2, the family locked a room that allegedly exhibited the most number of paranormal activities, and lined the walls with crosses. In a scene, the daughter was “transported” into the room in the middle of the night, and witnessed all the crosses turning upside down before a jump scare (start from 1:17).

One thing to note is that in the real event, this scene did not occur—nevertheless, it still does scare the heck out of us, eh?

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